Beyond The River

Some think that the little Baltic naughty brother is located in one very remote corner of Europe but they’re not right. As a matter of fact, it’s situated around 20 kilometres far away from the geographical centre of the Old Continent. This strategic location predisposes the existence of a variety of cultures and languages as well as architectural styles such as Baroque (from Italy), Orthodox (from Russia), Gothic and Rococo (from German-speaking countries like German and Austria). When speaking about this cultural and historic amalgam, actually, we are speaking about … Continue reading


The Little Baltic Naughty Brother

If you think little bit, you will realize that the three Baltic countries could be described as two beautiful sisters and their little naughty brother. I cannot speak much about Tallinn as I’ve never been there but there’s no doubt it could be easily compared to a beautiful maiden. The other pretty Baltic sister is the city of faces, i.e. Ringa. The Latvian capital is a true pearl and the biggest of the three Baltic capitals. So, we can call it the eldest sister. And who is that little brother looked after by his two sisters? Of course, it’s the Lithuanian capital … Continue reading

Ringa and the Country For Everyone

We are neither in Venice, nor in Amsterdam, nor in Stockholm. The town is pretty small in comparison to them as well as it’s not that popular. It might be less known, but for sure, it is very beautiful and attractive to all those who know little about it and about the country. And you might ask why. Well, simply because everybody can find something starting from history, going through sightseeings and ending with local cuisine. So, after you’ve got acquainted with its historic heart, let us admire the town from above again and float along its canal. Should you agree, follow me and let us visit the newer and more modern parts of … Continue reading

Donkey, Cat, Dog and Rooster

After you’ve already visited most of the sightseeings and when you want to enjoy a city in not such a hectic way, you might decide to drink a cup of coffee in a hotel bar or climb a bell tower from where the whole city will be in your hands. Or you might make up your mind to take a boat trip along the city’s canal. Both activities are worth doing and they will sure make you calm down after a two-day “tourist rush” in the town of … Continue reading

The Pretty Baltic Sister

When you walk around you feel atmosphere which a mixture of Germany and Russia, Poland and Scandinavia. You bump into buildings and squares of various styles belonging to different historic epochs. On the other hand, you hear people speak a language unknown to you but they immediately switch to English and Russian at the same time. Cuisine is based on pelmeni, potatoes and meat well garnished with splendid local beer. As far as souvenirs are concerned, you might find out little wooden dolls, colourfully decorated with folk motifs. Their name is matrioska. They depict traditional Russian (or more specifically Ukrainian) ladies dressed in a shapeless jumper dress and sarafan. And you might wonder where you can find this abundance of cultures, traditions, architecture and cuisine. Well, here … in the Latvian capital, i.e. in … Continue reading

The City of Faces

Rome and Madrid, Paris and London, Berlin and Brussels … These are only some of the few European busiest capitals which attract millions of tourists annually. They are well known for their numerous attractions and sites worth visiting. Young visitors always start their travel journey namely from these beautiful giants. Experienced travellers have already visited them (even several times). Beh, I am an exception to this rule. I am always asked why I have not already visited the city of love or why I haven’t “Londone-ed myself” yet. And do you know that I’ve never visited Berlin simply because I was projected as a baby either there or in Budapest? (This last statement has to be confirmed by the “guilty” for that. 😀 ) Well, I’ve been avoiding these visits to these world-famous places a little bit through the years because there are numerous other smaller and less famous capitals to the north, one of them being … Continue reading