My Mummy Is Always With Me

My Mummy is always the whisper of the leaves as I walk down the street. She is the smell of certain dishes I’ve tasted and have still remembered. She the flowers I’ve picked up. She’s the fragrance of life itself.

She is the cool hand on my brow when I am not feeling good. She’s my cool breath in the air on a winter’s day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls me to sleep, the colours of a rainbow. She is my every day. Continue reading

Christmas Sense of Humour

Christmas is the time we spend with our family and beloved ones. The time when we feel warm at home when it’s bloody cold outside. Warm because we’re surrounded with love. We don’t think about work and worries and our only duty is to keep the Christmas spirits ON, taste nice traditional dishes, and talk to beautiful people. Well, even joke with them. Why not? Speaking about Christmas humour, here are several things people are accustomed to joking with.

If you’re kidnapped and put in a bag by a white-bearded guy with a sweet round belly on Christmas Eve, don’t get panicked. It’s because lots of people have sent Santa Claus a letter asking him to bring them a nice friend like you as a Christmas present. Continue reading

I Am Missing You At Christmas

Every day without you, since you passed away is like a hot summer without sunshine and a cold winter without snow. I wish I could speak to you even for a while. There’s so much I would say, believe me. My life has changed so very much since you both went away.

I miss the bond between us and miss your kind support, presence and love. You are in mind and in my heart, and every Christmas thought. And you will remain there forever and ever.

I’ll always feel you close by me even though you’re far from sight. I will search for you among the stars that shine on Christmas night, my shining stars.

P.S.: From “Lessons Learned In Life Inc.”. 

The Dutch Gourmetten

The Dutch have their own tradition for Christmas which differs greatly from the one of the nearby countries. The whole family or close friends gather together and cook together on their preferred gourmet grilling devices called Gourmetten. It’s a home BBQ which has tiny pans and separate spatulas for each member-cook. This hot pot is really very small and is placed even on the table in the dining room.

The Dutch gather around the table and while they sip splendid wines and talk, each member cooks his/her own miniature steak on the Gourmetten. They also use the device for preparing various meats, slavink (or this is ground meat), schnitzels and small hamburgers. They don’t miss also seafood, fish and shrimps. All their home-made delicious food is served with fresh vegetables and salads as well as tasty sauces. There’s no doubt that the Dutch also add some western European dishes such as roast beef, duck and even pheasant.

Roast Christmas Around the World

We usually associate Christmas dishes with roast turkey. It’s an inevitable fact that various countries choose their festive menu depending on the traditions and local preferences. This way various nations put from roast pork or steamed dough-based tamales to fish and seafood on their Christmas Eve’s table. And here are three examples of how people prepare their dishes for the holidays.

For instance, the Australians always get cooled on the beach with a cold and exotic cocktail in hand due to the extremely hot weather there unlike countries situated in the north hemisphere where it’s bloody cold and too snowy. We, the Bulgarians cannot even think about our swimming suits, sunbathes and Christmas celebrations on the beach. That’s the reason why we prefer being near a fireplace with a glass of mulled wine in hand eating roast chestnuts. But let us back to the Australians again. Continue reading

Dia de Natal português

The Mediterranean peoples are very smart, indeed. When they get prepared for the festive dinner on December 24, they abstain from meet and focus mainly on lighter food such as seafood and fish. And this way they leave enough room for the big Christmas Day without torturing their delicate Mediterranean bellies too much. This “meat-free” Christmas tradition is also applicable to Portugal, being one of the splendid Mediterranean countries.

Dry and salted codfish is the main dish of the Portuguese on December 24 when families exchange presents and gifts from the bottom of their hearts. The traditional meal’s accompanied by boiled cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables. In some regions locals also add an egg puree, chickpeas, fresh herbs and generous amounts of olive oil. Apart from la baccalà, the Portuguese have been cooking a roast turkey as an additional dish for December 25 in recent years.

The Ear Fell

Have you ever known the Korvatunturi Fell in Lapland is the home of Santa Claus? Yes, it is. Its Finnish name is Joulupukki and means “the Ear Fell” due to its shape of an ear. It’s situated on the Finnish border with Russia and it has a very picturesque landscape. It possesses a very thick pine forest and frozen lakes. On the other hand, it’s inhabited by thousands of reindeer roaming freely the land. And namely there it’s said that Santa’s workshops are located, according to the Finnish folklore.

Yep, this is every child’s dream place because toys, trinkets and gifts are carefully made and wrapped by good elves. These good-natured creatures always behave themselves nicely and are nominated as guardians of home. However, they play a very responsible role in the yearly gift-giving trip of Santa Claus, i.e. they analyze weather patterns. Continue reading

The Christmas Lights of Italy

Most probably Christmas period is the most magic time of the year when the whole world is brightly illuminated. Christmas lights blink everywhere even in bel paese and they give it additional charm. In this period of time Christmas lights illuminate Italian cities, town and villages. Big Christmas trees decorate Italian piazzas while citizens do the shopping hectically and raid beautifully decorated shops and shopping centres. One of these cities is the Tuscan capital – Florence. Continue reading