Along the River Arno

P   I   S   A

Pisa is an important city in Tuscany, Central Italy. It was established on the banks of the River Arno, just before it goes into the Tyrrhenian Sea. Namely its location predetermined its maritime role in ancient times. The Pelasgi, the Greeks, the Etruscans, and the Ligurians are thought to have been the first founders of the city. Continue reading


388-evzones_1Changing of the guards is a very well-known ceremonial tradition in lots of countries. Of course, when we hear about it, we first think of the Buckingham Palace and the Guards of Her Majesty. Yes, but there is no doubt that this ceremony of the changing of the guards is very interesting in other countries as well such as Monaco, Bulgaria, Hellas, etc. I’ve just mentioned Hellas and it was on purpose because I have the intention to tell you want I know about Evzone soldiers and their unique uniforms as well as the ceremony held every hour in the Hellenic capitalAthensContinue reading

Marketing and the Fisherman

387-marketing-and-the-fishermanA marketer goes on vacation to a small African village. While he is having a walk along the nearby lake, he sees a fisherman getting out of his boat. Remembering the delicious fish dish of yesterday he decides to start a conversation with him.

– How much does it take you to catch fish? – asks him the fisherman.

– Not much time, indeed – answers the fisherman.

– Then why don’t you stay longer to catch more fish?  – continues the marketer. Continue reading

The Historic Garzoni Garden

L   O      S   T   O   R   I   C   O      G   I   A   R   D   I   N   O      G   A   R   Z   O   N   I

The historic Garzoni Garden is among the 18th centuries “garden masterpieces”. The well known “garden age” gave a birth to some really very splendid parks and villas like the Villas of Lucca, the Royal Palace in Caserta and the Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, and of course, the Garzoni Garden. The latter was simply a small forest for hunting in the very beginning. Later it turned into an awesome country residence of the Counts Garzoni where there was a wise usage of water and plants and all disadvantages of the terrain became advantages. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time There Was a Piece of Wood …

385-once-upon-a-time-there-was-a-piece-of-wood-0C’era una volta un pezzo di legno …” (“Once upon a time there was a piece of wood …”). There is hardly a child who never heard this saying in childhood. I am pretty sure that most of you, as parents, prefer to read Carlo Collodi’s “Adventures of Pinocchio” to your little mischievous kids before their going to bed. But what would you say if this fairy-tale with all of the characters becomes live? You’re saying it’s impossible?! Hmmm …It’s quite possible and I will assure you of this. You’re wondering how. It’s simple. Just go to … Continue reading

Why Are You Judging?

384-why-are-you-judgingAn old man and his already grown-up 30-year old son got on the train and took their seats in the compartment. The young man sat near the window. Immediately after the train set off, he stretched his hand outside the window in order to feel the movement of the air. He cried out happily all of sudden: “Dad, look, all trees are “walking” backwards.

The old man just smiled in return. A young couple was sitting near the 30-year boy. The spouses looked at one another when the young man reacted like a small kid. And after some time he cried out excitingly again: “Dad, look, there’s a lake over there. And there’re animals. And one cloud is following the train.Continue reading

The Two Chinese Pots

383-the-two-chinese-potsAn old lady possessed two vast Chinese pots which hung at the two ends of a long stick which she balanced on her neck. One of the pots had a hole while the other one was entire and not broken. Thus after a long journey from the spring to the house, the second was always entirely full of water while the first one was always half-filled with water. This was the reason why the old lady brought one a half vase of water every day for two years.

Obviously, the entire pot was proud of itself while the broken one was greatly ashamed of its imperfection and inability to fetch only half of the water. Finally, the pot with the crack gathered the courage to talk to the old lady after two years. It said to her from the one end of the stick: “I am so ashamed because my crack allows you to bring half of the water at home.Continue reading