Santa’s Guests

233 Santa's GuestsIf you are still in Christmas mood and festive mode, you can extend and prolong your Christmas vacation by heading for Santa Claus’ Village. Some believe it’s an imaginary village but it is not. It’s situated in Lapland which is the northernmost and largest Finnish region. So, if you take the airplane from Helsinki, you will have the rare chance to land at Santa Claus’ official airport. Then buses will bring you to the village which is only 3 km far away from there.

Santa Claus’ village was secretly established on the Ear Mountain (Korvatunturi) in 1950 and it is the fairytale world where you can meet the white-bearded gift-giver every day, all the year round. It’s mainly for children but also for grown-up dreamers who go back to their childhood. Visitors could have a sit near the shiny fireplace and write letters and send packages to their nears-and-dears all over the world. Even if you send a Santa Claus Letter in midsummer, be sure that the awesome Postal Elves will take care of it. They will carefully stamp it with the special postmark of the Northern Arctic Circle and your greetings will be sent to your beloved ones before Christmas. So, my friends, don’t miss the chance to use the punctual and amazing services of the Santa Claus Post Office and make your family and friends happy.

After having filled your soul with joy and happiness you might go to the town of Rovaniemi that is about 7-8 km away from the Northern Arctic Circle. In effect, many of the buildings were demolished in the WWII and they were reconstructed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1946. Nowadays the town is administrative and is home to the University of Lapland and the Polytechnic School of Rovaniemi. The greatest attraction is Arktikum. It is an Arctic museum dedicated to both the culture of Northern Europe and the Northern nature. Visitors can learn a lot about the Finnish, Arctic region of Lapland. At the same time, they can get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. In the end, they can enjoy the traditions and local costumes of the region.

And of course, being in Lapland and in Rovaniemi in particular, you mustn’t miss the fascinating astronomic phenomenon that is typical for the town and the regions of theses latitudes. “The Midnight Sun and Northern Lights“ (or better known as Aurora Borealis) is really exceptional event that takes place about 200 times a year (from January 6 till July 7). It will leave you breathless and speechless with the various colours of the sun that is always on the horizon on such events. I will stop here as it is difficult to make any descriptions because no words can describe that amazing natural phenomenon. It must be seen, not described.


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