Spanish Sobremesa or a table talk in English is a tradition practiced in Spain and Latin America. It’s something that happens at the table but surely, it’s not related to having a meal only. Actually, it’s when all members of the family gather at dinner and stay at the table talking sweetly even after the dinner is over. Such talks can continue for hours and the strangest thing is that they always begin and happen spontaneously. Family members dedicate this time after a meal only to themselves in order to keep the warm relationship between them. Continue reading


The Sultan’s Route

For sure, Camino de Santiago de Compostela is the most famous pilgrimage route in Europe. But there is another one which is very interesting, closer to the Balkans and rich in history. This is the Sultan’s Route. It connects Vienna with Istanbul and its length is 2100 km. It passes through nine countries, namely Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

The first to take the road was Sultan Suleiman I in 1529 wanting to conquer the Austrian Habsburgs’ lands.  Continue reading

The Secret to Happiness

It’s scientifically proven that travelling is the secret to happiness. You will agree that there is no doubt about that. Science and scientists are sure that people should spend all their money on travels because they make us happy.

Maybe you yourselves have already reached that conclusion, haven’t you? No matter what your answer is, I’d better prove it firmly to you in this post again.  🙂 Continue reading

The Beauty on the Danube

The largest city in Slovakia … The youngest metropolis in Europe … The perfect place for history-lovers … Recreation hub … Inexpensive city offering great opportunities for shopping and dining … Nice place for spending a weekend in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere … Dynamically developed business hub in Central Europe … Creative and gentle locals … Delicious dishes and superb wines …

These are only few of the descriptions of one really little big city with hidden gems throughout the streets, which is situated only 60 km far away from Vienna and 150 km – from Budapest.

It’s the beauty on the Danube, it’s …

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Hidden Throughout the Streets

One of the little big cities  of Europe has really a very picturesque location along the Danube River. It’s divided by the river into two parts – Staré and Nové Mesto. Due to this particular fact the city is often nicknamed as the beauty on the Danube and it’s often compared to two other Danube capitals. Oftentimes it’s called the “little sister” of Vienna (when referred to as Little Vienna by the Austrians) or of Budapest (when called Little Budapest by the Hungarians). And of course, this capital which is straight out of fairy-tales is … Continue reading

The Little Big City

It is often nicknamed as the little big city as it is among the smaller capitals in Europe (in Central Europe, in particular). It’s a landlocked city without any access to the sea like the country itself. The latter is characterized by plains to the south and mountains in the rest of the territory. Its neighbours are Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine. Its capital is very tiny, as I already mentioned, and it has not more than 450 000 inhabitants. Despite this, it’s the important political and cultural centre of the whole country and it plays a major role in Slovakia. It is simply …. Continue reading

The Pearl in the Bohemian Crown

The second largest town of the Czech Republic is also the historic heart of Great Moravia. The Margraviate of Moravia was established as a marcher state which served as a border country or region created to be a buffer between two countries in the period 1182-1918. Apart from this, it was one of the pearls in the Bohemian Crown. This historic marcher state was ruled by a margrave (a military defender and commander of such border regions) together with a representative of the provincial diet. In fact this was an independent state but at the same time it was a subject of the Duchy. Then it became part of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Are you wondering which the town is? … Of course, it is … Continue reading