Inca Country

454-inca-countryEverything is “Inca” in Peru starting from Inca food and Inca tea, going through Inca therapy and Inca massage and ending in Inca hotel, Inca Internet and Inca drug’s store. This is because the Peruvians are very proud of their ancestors who established the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The city in the clouds, i.e. CIusco, is a southeastern Peruvian town whose inhabitants are around 359 thousand people and it’s a gateway to Machu Picchu. It was the site of the historic capital of the Incas and nowadays it is the historic Capital of Peru. Surely, the city is a real “cultural bomb” of art, history, local cuisine and folklore that has turned the city in a must-visit.

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Piccoli ricordi della Russia (Small Russian Gifts)

453-small-russian-giftsWhen we travel we are expected to bring some piccoli ricordi (i.e. small gifts) from the country we are in. Sometimes it’s difficult because either of the time we have or the lack of some information on this topic. I am always too busy visiting as many places as I can when I travel and I don’t have time to do the shopping in the cities I am in. But at the same time I have to bring some gifts and I usually buy them at the airports. Shame on me. 🙂 On the other hand, I am not preliminarily informed every time what I would buy and that’s why I improvise. If you are in Russia, there are several things which are typically Russian and nobody can mistake if they buy them as gifts but there’re are several ones which are not that stereotypical but also typically Russian. And which are they? Continue reading

Columbus Day

452-columbus-dayChristopher Columbus is credited with the discovery of America in 1492. His voyages were sponsored with the money and treasures which Queen Isabella found in Alhambra. According to some gossips, the Queen gave one of her most valuable and precious necklaces which she liked most, to the Italian dreamer from Genoa so he could equip his fleet and rumours say that there was a love affair between them.

Thus in 1492 Columbus signed a contract with Spain to find out the Indies and started his first voyage from Palos de la Frontera in Southern Spain to the new and unknown lands about which he never got to know that they were part of the New World. Owing to his unlimited adventurous spirit the Old Continent and especially Spain, could bring their culture and traditions, languages and architecture to the new continents from where in return they obtained brand new and exotic materials and goods like cocoa, vanillachocolate, potatoes, etc..

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Italian Austria Or Austrian Italy

When you are on vacation in Veneto but you’ve already fulfilled your travel plans, i.e. you’ve already visited the towns and places which you were interested in, you have nothing else to do but to improvise. You could use the very handy WiFi at the hotel and search for some nearby place where you might go to next day. As you already know Veneto very well, you may want to go to another nearby region like Friuli Venezia Giulia. Let’s suppose you already visited the first biggest town there (Trieste) in the past, and you are interested in it no more. So, you would choose the second one … After having chosen the destination for your tomorrow’s one-day trip, make just a few screenshots of the train schedules and find some information on the places that are of interest in …. Continue reading

The Hidden Pearl of Africa

450-the-hidden-pearl-of-africaThis country was once the largest and most diverse state in terms of geography in Africa. But since 2011 when it split into two parts it has ranked third on the continent with a population of 45.7 million residents. Its nature encompasses the Nubian Desert as well as swamps and rainforests. The longest river in the world, the Nile, goes through its territory and divides it into eastern and western halves. Speaking about its population, the Arabs dominate to the north while mainly blacks live in the southern territories of the country. And which is it? It’s simply …. Continue reading

Just Run

449-just-runOne gazelle woke up at sunrise every morning in Africa and it had to run faster and faster so that it avoided being eaten by King Lion. King Lion had to wake up at sunrise every morning in Africa and it had to run faster and faster so that it didn’t die from hunger. The most important thing for you is to start running at sunrise every morning in Africa no matter you are a gazelle or King Lion.

(William Shakespeare)

Where the Equator Goes Through

448-where-the-equator-goes-throughEcuador is a very beautiful and diverse country through which the Equator goes. This has given the name to this Paradise. The South American country lies on the west coast and it does have a variety of natural phenomena and quite various landscapes. The Andean highlands go hand in hand with Amazonia  as well as with the enchanted islands. On the other hand, Ecuador is the biggest producer and exporter of bananas in the world. It possesses oil, too. Continue reading