The Saint Goose

St Martin of Tours was Roman who was born in Savaria, antique Pannonia which is in today’s Hungary in either 316 or 336AD (the date is uncertain). His parents were pagans and at that time Christianity had already been legalized although it hadn’t still been the official religion of the Roman Empire. His father was a soldier (a tribune) in the Imperial Horse Guard and the family had to follow him to northern Italy when he was assigned to a post in Ticinum. Actually, the boy was brought up namely there. Continue reading


On the Other Side of Öresund

I walked you through Copenhagen in my last three posts. The proximity of the city to the Öresund Strait makes it even more attractive to tourists. Why?

Because enthusiasts like us (one Balkan girl and an Italian guy) could take one of the numerous trains to Kastrup and the Copenhagen Airport early in the morning from where there are very frequent trains which bring you to the town situated on the other side of the Öresundsbron (or Öresund Bridge) only in 20-25 minutes. The distance between the cities is only 8km and the most convenient way to reach one of them from the other one is to cross the Danish-Swedish border on the Öresund Bridge/Tunnel, as I mentioned above. And which is this city exactly …? Continue reading

The Friendly Old Girl of the Town

C   O   P   E   N   H   A   G   E   N

Now we are turning back to the Stork Fountain and Kunsthallen Nikolaj (St. Nicholas Church) on the Amagertorv Square in the City of Spires in order to go straight and visit the famous Nyhavn and the Amalienborg Palace, to have a meeting with the friendly old girl of the town and say “Hi” to fish-species in the Blue Planet. If you are ready, off we goooo …. first to …. Continue reading

The City of Spires

C   O   P   E   N   H   A   G   E   N

Last time I told you that when you reached the Stork Fountain and Kunsthallen Nikolaj (St. Nicholas Church) on the Amagertorv Square at the Merchants’ Harbour, you have three nice options for a pleasant walk. We have already brought you to the right, to the place where Copenhagen was established by Bishop Absalon in 1167. Then, if you go straight, you will reach the famous Nyhavn, Amalienborg and the Little Mermaid. If you choose to go to the left you will reach the Round Tower and the nearby Rosenborg Castle. So, let us take this second street to the left, make a fast raid of shops situated in the street and reach …. Continue reading

Merchants’ Harbour

C   O   P   E   N   H   A   G   E   N

As a lover of the Mediterranean basin, I usually travel to Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and other southern countries but I decided to try the taste of the North and Scandinavia in particular, in April this year. (And I didn’t regret it at all.) That’s why one authentic Mediterranean guy from Italy and I (a girl from the Balkans) planned a trip to Copenhagen. And we were very pleasantly surprised with the charming atmosphere, the hospitality of the Danes, the rich history of the city, the architectural styles and above all with the order and cleanness of the Danish capital.

So, both of us recommend you strongly a trip to the Copenhagen which will offer you so many nice and unexpected adventures. Continue reading

Travelling Girls

Maybe be you have not found the lady of your heart yet. Probably you cannot choose her because one has these and those features which you don’t enjoy, the other is too capricious. Others are not housewives and are not able to cook, do the cleaning or whatever. Other women are in love with doing the shopping and are absolute shopping maniacs. 😀 So, what is the solution to you?! Hmmm …. Mess up with a girl who loves travelling since she is particular and she distinguishes herself from the rest. You would ask me why? Well, because we are spontaneous, open-minded, sociable and memorable and because we have some specific, entertaining and amusing features ….. Humble, humble, humble …  😀 Continue reading

Inca Country

454-inca-countryEverything is “Inca” in Peru starting from Inca food and Inca tea, going through Inca therapy and Inca massage and ending in Inca hotel, Inca Internet and Inca drug’s store. This is because the Peruvians are very proud of their ancestors who established the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The city in the clouds, i.e. CIusco, is a southeastern Peruvian town whose inhabitants are around 359 thousand people and it’s a gateway to Machu Picchu. It was the site of the historic capital of the Incas and nowadays it is the historic Capital of Peru. Surely, the city is a real “cultural bomb” of art, history, local cuisine and folklore that has turned the city in a must-visit.

Continue reading