La città d’acqua (The Town of Water)

Italy has it’s a city on water but it also has a town of water. It’s situated in a flat area and is a little bit far away from the Piave River. This fact makes it and the surrounding lands a very fertile place which is “embraced” by a network of canals. They turn it into a fairy-tale town with a lot of water resources which are called “fontanassi” in the local dialect. Maybe you’re asking yourselves which this town of water is. You are probably wondering where it is situated. Or let’s say you’re already interested in it and you have also added it to your Bucket List. If so, I will not hold you in suspense anymore and will tell you that the town is …. Continue reading


Guests to the Forest Man

The archipelago of Indonesia is the largest one in the world. It’s composed of some 18 110 islands. Some of them emerge during the dry period. Others (about 6000) are uninhabited. The population is around 240 million residents and it’s the 4th most populous country in the world after China, India and the USA. The name of the country derives from the two Greek words indós (Ἰνδός – “Indian”) and nèsos (νῆσος – “island”) and the translation is “Indian Island”. Continue reading

La città del Palladio (The Town of Palladio)

The Province of Vicenza is situated in the heart of the Italian region of Veneto. It’s very often nicknamed as il giardino del Veneto (the Garden of Veneto) because it offers beautiful and various landscapes and cultural-artistic heritage in each season owing to its location and history, respectively. Being hugged by l’Altopiano di Asiago (di Sette Comuni), Recoaro Terme and the so-called small Dolomites, the province does offer something to everyone with its milder, semi-continental climate. Apart from this, it houses too many artistic and cultural sites and villas as well as one of the famous UNESCO’s sites, i.e. beautiful and flowery …. Continue reading

Welcome, Welcome …

Jordan is one of the most tourist and visited countries in the Middle East. It’s because it possesses so many wonders of any type – natural landscapes, a unique untouched desert followed by archeological sites. On the other hand, there is no doubt that the most fascinating part of a travel there is a local market with its locals. Why? ….. Because it resembles a true labyrinth where exotic aromas and herbs “embrace you”. Moreover, local sellers will always attract visitors’ attention by saying “Welcome, Welcome … No Money … Half price”. Sometimes they are little bit pushy dragging you to their shops or stands or offering you tea and the best price. Continue reading

The Rivals to Florence’s Medici

Principally, towns and cities situated on the route between Bologna and Venice and especially, those that are in a close proximity to la Serenissima, are always overlooked. No matter how “artistic and Renaissance” they are, such places are somehow in the shadow of other bigger cities and their history. One humble example is the city of …. Continue reading

The Beauty of the Romantic Eternity

Edelweiss is a very beautiful flower that grows at places which are almost inaccessible. After a long climb, people enjoy its beauty up there in the mountain. Maybe most of you have asked yourselves why this flower “has chosen to grow” there. Well, there’s not a certain reply to this question but there’s definitely one very nice legend which goes like this …

Once upon a time there lived a sister and brother whose were named Edel and Weiss, respectively. They loved spending time in wild nature. One day while they were sitting in one meadow and staring at and admiring the surrounding beauty, Weiss’s attention was attracted by a white colour unknown to him. It was up there on the high rocks. He showed his sister his discovery. She proposed that they should climb up there and pick up the flower and then to bestow it to their presents. Continue reading

Castrum Francum

441-castrum-francum-6Castrum Francum refers to one very small but really very pretty town in Veneto, i.e. Castelfranco Veneto, which is situated on the crossroad between Venice, Treviso, Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa. It has always had an extremely strategic position due to which it flourished and turned into very important trade centre in the past that had a vast and very profitable control over mercantile and commercial activities in the region. Its name (Castrum Francum) derives namely from all the free quotas and Veneto was added to it to distinguish it from the other Italian towns bearing the same name. Continue reading