Irresistible Like a Classical French Pastry

428-irresistible-like-a-classical-french-pastryThe Confectioner’s Tale: A Novel of Paris by Laura Madeleine is a nice love story and it is as sweet and irresistible as a classical French creamy pastry of melted chocolate with some golden caramel added and powdered sugar sprinkled above. But at the same time  it’s a secret love story between a young man and woman makes this pastry even sweeter.

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Don’t Make Me Angry

427-dont-make-me-angryThe third “element” that constitutes Italy and that characterizes it is its people – the Italians. For me these are the most open-minded, the warmest, the most loving and the most affectionate people ever. They fall in love easily and when they love, l’amore (love) is true and forever. They are too passionate and are always dedicated to the ladies of their hearts. Continue reading

The Prince With the White Donkey

425-the-prince-of-the-white-donkeyOnce upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away there was a prince with a white donkey who worked as a cashier in the Fantastico Castle because of the crisis. One day, at lunch time he was turning the pages of an on-line book of fairy-tales and of job offers when he stumbled upon a very beautiful and intelligent princess who spoke three languages plus her mother tongue. They got in touch and began spending time together firstly in that book for jobseekers and for seekers of opportunities and then they continued their chats in the other book with the blue logo.

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The Island of Feelings

424-the-island-of-feelingsOnce upon a time there was one island where all feelings and values of human beings lived: Good Mood, Sadness, and Knowledge ….. including Love.  One day it was announced to the sentiments that the island would collapse. So, they had to prepare their boats and set off. Unfortunately, only Love wanted to remain there till the very last moment. When the island got drowned Love decided to ask for help. Wealth passed by Love in an extremely luxurious boat and Love said to her:

Wealth, will you bring me with you?

No, I can’t. There is too much gold and silver in my boat and there isn’t space for you.”               Continue reading


422-xocolata“Desig de xocolata” by Care Santos is true “chocolate love” novel consisting of three stories from three different times. You might ask how it is possible. It is. All of them have three unifying elements – chocolate and one white porcelain chocolate pot …. and three loving women. Before going to the stories themselves, let me tell you a few words about chocolate in the Pearl of Cataluña. Continue reading