The Sounds of Hundreds of Bells

The Bulgarians have their own carnival like many other countries like Italy, Greece, Brazil, etc. when people dress up, play music, sing and dance. They compete and have fun. No, our festival doesn’t last for a long period of time like anywhere else but only two days. No, it’s not related to Christianity either but to old pagan times.

Despite all this, it’s our Bulgarian festival that has become the International Festival of Masquerade Games, or simply ……. Continue reading


The Town of Thunder and Lightning

Maybe you’re asking yourselves what I mean by this title. Right? Okay. I just wanna explain the origin of the name of the town which we are going to visit today, i.e. in this post. The town is a post-industrial mining town, situated just some 30 km far away from Sofia. The first settlement in the area dates back to the 6th millenium BC and this gives a reason to historians to think that it was built as and founded almost at the same time as Troy  and it makes it one of Rome’s Big Brothers. And which is that ancient Bulgarian town …? Continue reading

Leisurely Meander Along the River

If you wanna escape the hustle and crowds of tourists in Stockholm, you might catch the train and reach a nearby dream destination. After a very pleasant and short train journey, you find yourself in a tiny town which offers both picturesque and quiet countryside and the vibrancy and cosmopolitan look of a big city. Moreover, the town in question is full mainly of young people, which makes it even prettier and nicer. Do you wanna know which this Swedish town is? Yes?! Okay, then, it is ….. Continue reading

Sea, Sky and Music

S   T   O   C   K   H   O   L   M

Last time we finished our jump into history in the open-area museum of Skansen. Last thing we did was to indulge in an Elk Gyro  plus beer plus pear-Smurfy ice-cream. I asked you to just enjoy the moment forgetting about time and problems, to amuse yourself and relax thinking about sea, sky and music. 😉  Now let me tell you what I mean by this in …. Continue reading

A Jump Into History

Stockholm offers a great number of historic places and sites which make you jump into the history of Venice of Scandinavia, of Sweden and even of the whole Scandinavian Peninsula.  Natives are very proud of telling about their glorious past and that’s why you have plenty of choices of historic both indoor and even open-air museums where you learn much about the Vikings in Scandinavia, the development of Sweden, the traditional rural life in the country in the past, etc. You just need to dedicate time to visit some of them. By the way, there’re few countries in Europe that give free access to their historic museums but it happens in the Swedish capital. Three Stockholm’s museums open their doors and welcome numerous visitors free of charge. Here I should mention that all of them are very well-maintained and with very friendly stuff. After this brief introduction, let’s dive into the history of ….

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Venice of Scandinavia

The city of this post is the capital of a northern European country and it’s located along the east coast of the Baltic Sea. Its historic centre is situated on the water, more precisely on 14 islands linked to one another through 50 bridges.

That’s why it’s often nicknamed as the Venice of Scandinavia. Maybe you’ve already got to know which city I am talking about, haven’t you? Exactly 🙂 This is …. Continue reading

Hai fame? (Are You Hungry?)

Hai fame? This means “Are you hungry?” in Italian? If you’re starving and it’s your first time in Italy you will have some problems choosing the appropriate place for you to have lunch or dinner. You might read in your guide that you should go to la trattoria “X” or l’osteria “Y”. Or if you want something more special and formal, you should go to il ristorante “Z”. Well, hearing all these names unfamiliar to you, you might get lost completely and you might choose to go to a place offering fast food instead of tasting some typical  Italian dishes “accompanied” with some red or white wine. My humble piece of advice is not to make this mistake in countries like Italy, France, Spain, Portugal or Greece which do have culinary traditions, have their country and regional specialties and locals are used to indulging in tasty meals.  So, have a look at the paragraphs below and choose your place to eat something really very delicious when you’re nel Bel Paese (“Beautiful Country” is the nickname of Italy). Continue reading