SS Peter and Paul

The Orthodox and Catholic churches observe the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul on June 29. They are both considered two of the most important figures in the very early Christian church especially in terms of the spread of Christianity in Europe and numerous Middle East countries.

St Peter’s original name was Simon. Jesus changed it to Peter (which means a rock). He was one of his 12 disciples and apostles who had a great contribution for spreading Christianity throughout the world. Continue reading

A Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire

415-a-vertical-expression-of-a-horizontal-desire“¡Ay que peligroso!” (“Wooow, it’s dangerous!”), people will exclaim when you tell them you wanna visit La Boca (the Mouth) – one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The tiny barrio (neighbourhood) has always had a bad reputation, especially when visited from dusk till dawn, but at the same time it is a very popular tourist stop in the capital of the country. Why is it so attractive?

Well, La Boca is located near the Old Port and it attracts thousands of tourists annually with La Bombonera (or Estadio Alberto J. Armando – one of the primary stadiums) and Diego Maradona, with its multi-coloured houses as well as with the bunch of bohemian vibes. The golden days in Boca looked like a never-ending party. Continue reading

An Ideal Husband

414-an-ideal-husbandThis post is going to be dedicated to Oscar Wilde’s comedic stage play of 1895. It treats topics which have ever existed, namely blackmail, love, decisions and political corruption. No matter when the play is staged these matters are always present and true.

All secrets from the past are always revealed sooner or later. This applies also to Sir Robert Chiltern who is a honoured member of the House of Commons. Continue reading

The Crazy Family

408-the-crazy-familyThe Crazy family is a play by English playwright and actor Ray Cooney. It’s a very present-day play that reflects our lives and the secrets we have. Do you agree that all lies are always revealed sooner or later?

Yes, if you have been a bigamist for about 18 years, your two children will meet all of a sudden owing to social media and high techs. One of these innocent chats between teenagers will unhide your well and long kept secret and then you will get into numerous very funny situations. Continue reading

The Power of Lullaby

400-the-power-of-lullabyProbably few of you know the story “The Power of Lullaby” by Georgian writer Iakob Gogebashvili. On the other hand, I bet that not many of you have had the chance to watch the puppet show for adults of the same name staged by the Giorgi Miqeladze Tbilisi Professional State Puppet Theatre. Well, if you’re among these people, I will give you a humble piece of advice. Look for this puppet show for adults at any cost because it’s really a fairy-tale for grown-up children, which is retold through puppets and one lullaby, and with much creativity. And yes … The author of the story himself is the main figure and he tells the story to the audience. While you are searching for this extraordinary experience, I am going to recount you the story of the power of lullaby briefly. Continue reading

Masha i Medved

397-masha-i-medved“Маша и Медведь” (“Masha i Medved”) is the Russian title of the animated TV series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and produced by Animaccord. The series are dedicated to a loving and extremely vivid little girl called Masha who makes mischief after mischief in the house of the big and good-natured bear, Misha by name. He is an ex-circus player who would  love enjoying peace and silence at home but the little and sweet girl makes his life too interesting every time. Continue reading

The Empire Strikes Back

395-the-empire-strikes-backI can assure you this post isn’t dedicated to “Star Wars”. I have been such a great fan of the movie but I decided that the title would be very suitable for describing how a guide can revenge when his/her tourists get on the nerves during a trip. So, here are several humble pieces of advice for you, unhuman beings with nerves of steel, which will help you cope with a very difficult situation. Continue reading