Spanish Sobremesa or a table talk in English is a tradition practiced in Spain and Latin America. It’s something that happens at the table but surely, it’s not related to having a meal only. Actually, it’s when all members of the family gather at dinner and stay at the table talking sweetly even after the dinner is over. Such talks can continue for hours and the strangest thing is that they always begin and happen spontaneously. Family members dedicate this time after a meal only to themselves in order to keep the warm relationship between them. Continue reading


The Sultan’s Route

For sure, Camino de Santiago de Compostela is the most famous pilgrimage route in Europe. But there is another one which is very interesting, closer to the Balkans and rich in history. This is the Sultan’s Route. It connects Vienna with Istanbul and its length is 2100 km. It passes through nine countries, namely Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

The first to take the road was Sultan Suleiman I in 1529 wanting to conquer the Austrian Habsburgs’ lands.  Continue reading

Big Fat Weddings

Do you remember this sweet comedy that recounts us about the great love between a young Greek woman (a daughter of Greek immigrants across the Ocean) and young native school teacher? Do you remember all the funny struggles and situations they are put into when it comes to keep her Greek origin and family’s heritage and cultural identity? I believe you do as well as I think you still have memories of their Big Fat Greek Wedding.   Continue reading

The Birthplace of the Cyrillic Alphabet

Very few people from all over the world might know where Bulgaria is situated. Most of them can immediately say it’s a Balkan country and its capital is Sofia. So far so good… 🙂 But lots of fellows could barely know much about the country. Just on the opposite, they wouldn’t be aware of the fact that Bulgaria is the cradle and crossroad of lots of various ancient civilizations like the Thracians, Slavs, Proto-Bulgarians (Bulgars) and ancient Romans who have left their imprint and impact over our cultural heritage consisting of long history, fine literature, unique folklore and Cyrillic (Bulgarian) alphabet, of course. Continue reading

Saint George and the Dragon

Свети Георги Победоносец (Saint George in English, San Giorgio in Italian) was a Roman soldier of Hellenic origin and was born in Lydda (Palestine). His parents were Gerontius (Old man in Greek) and Polychronia (she who lived for many years again in Greek). His father was a Roman soldier in Cappadocia while his mother was Greek Christian from Lydda in Syria Palestina which was a Roman province at that time. Saint George was a Roman soldier like his father, more precisely an officer and guard under the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian. He was sentenced to death and was killed on April 23, 203 AD because he was a defender of Christian faith and he didn’t want to give up on it. Nowadays he is one of the venerated Saints in Christianity and a Christian Martyr. Continue reading

Life Is a Cup of Coffee

Life is like a cup of coffee … A group of successful ex-students goes to pay a visit to their old university professor. Their conversation was about the stress from work and life. The professor offered them coffee. He went into the kitchen and turned back with a big tray with a great variety of coffee cups: porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal ones, some of them being very expensive, others – too cheap. Then he told his ex-students to help themselves. After all of them had already chosen their own coffee cup, the professor told them …. Continue reading

The Colours of First Love

It’s the summer of is 1983 and they are a family of bohemian intellectuals. Their 17-year old son, Elio Perlman, has an intense romance with his father’s 24-year old scholar, Oliver. What happens, actually? The American-Italian youngster lives with his family in their 17th century cliff-side villa in north Italy. The talented boy transcribes and plays the piano, reads and flirts with a girl at his age called Marzia. His father whom he enjoys a close relationship with is a famous and prominent professor specializing in ancient Greco-Roman culture while his Mom is a translator who favours him with the fruits of high culture.

This family of intellectuals hosts Oliver who is a very charming American young man. He’s an annual summer intern who is working on his doctorate at the moment. He comes to their villa for the summer and is tasked with helping his professor. And thus a romance between these two young people starts blossoming. In the very beginning this powerful and sudden attraction frightens them because they are unprepared for it and the consequences of their romance. It applies especially to Elio. Continue reading