The Black Mill

Being still on the topic of Denmark and Sweden, I am dedicating this post to one legend which is very popular in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. In my humble opinion, it is too cruel because there is too much blood and Devil is one of the main characters. But it’s true people from the north know it and even they have black mills. And the legend goes like this … Continue reading



Venice is most probably the strangest and most fascinating city of all of the marvellous Italian places. Maybe it would be because there are no cars and almost unreal quietness reigns there (apart from the numerous tourists and vaporetti); maybe because winter mist makes the city’s narrow and tight streets even more mysterious and dreamlike; maybe because of the annual magic Carnival which attracts visitors from all over the world; maybe due to the legends which spread out and tell about the origin of every angle of the island …. Who knows? 🙂 What is certain is that la Serenissima  is unique in the world despite the fact that almost every continent has its own Venice (and even more than one) but of course none of them could reach the uniqueness of the “original”one that was built on 118 islets altogether connected to the mainland through canals and its structures being supported by a large range of wooden platforms placed deep in the sea in the Venetian lagoon. Continue reading

The Saint Goose

St Martin of Tours was Roman who was born in Savaria, antique Pannonia which is in today’s Hungary in either 316 or 336AD (the date is uncertain). His parents were pagans and at that time Christianity had already been legalized although it hadn’t still been the official religion of the Roman Empire. His father was a soldier (a tribune) in the Imperial Horse Guard and the family had to follow him to northern Italy when he was assigned to a post in Ticinum. Actually, the boy was brought up namely there. Continue reading

Travelling Girls

Maybe be you have not found the lady of your heart yet. Probably you cannot choose her because one has these and those features which you don’t enjoy, the other is too capricious. Others are not housewives and are not able to cook, do the cleaning or whatever. Other women are in love with doing the shopping and are absolute shopping maniacs. 😀 So, what is the solution to you?! Hmmm …. Mess up with a girl who loves travelling since she is particular and she distinguishes herself from the rest. You would ask me why? Well, because we are spontaneous, open-minded, sociable and memorable and because we have some specific, entertaining and amusing features ….. Humble, humble, humble …  😀 Continue reading

Columbus Day

452-columbus-dayChristopher Columbus is credited with the discovery of America in 1492. His voyages were sponsored with the money and treasures which Queen Isabella found in Alhambra. According to some gossips, the Queen gave one of her most valuable and precious necklaces which she liked most, to the Italian dreamer from Genoa so he could equip his fleet and rumours say that there was a love affair between them.

Thus in 1492 Columbus signed a contract with Spain to find out the Indies and started his first voyage from Palos de la Frontera in Southern Spain to the new and unknown lands about which he never got to know that they were part of the New World. Owing to his unlimited adventurous spirit the Old Continent and especially Spain, could bring their culture and traditions, languages and architecture to the new continents from where in return they obtained brand new and exotic materials and goods like cocoa, vanillachocolate, potatoes, etc..

Continue reading

Just Run

449-just-runOne gazelle woke up at sunrise every morning in Africa and it had to run faster and faster so that it avoided being eaten by King Lion. King Lion had to wake up at sunrise every morning in Africa and it had to run faster and faster so that it didn’t die from hunger. The most important thing for you is to start running at sunrise every morning in Africa no matter you are a gazelle or King Lion.

(William Shakespeare)

The Beauty of the Romantic Eternity

Edelweiss is a very beautiful flower that grows at places which are almost inaccessible. After a long climb, people enjoy its beauty up there in the mountain. Maybe most of you have asked yourselves why this flower “has chosen to grow” there. Well, there’s not a certain reply to this question but there’s definitely one very nice legend which goes like this …

Once upon a time there lived a sister and brother whose were named Edel and Weiss, respectively. They loved spending time in wild nature. One day while they were sitting in one meadow and staring at and admiring the surrounding beauty, Weiss’s attention was attracted by a white colour unknown to him. It was up there on the high rocks. He showed his sister his discovery. She proposed that they should climb up there and pick up the flower and then to bestow it to their presents. Continue reading