The Land of Poets

433-the-land-of-poetsChile could be really nicknamed as the Land of Poets simply because it possesses an incredibly beautiful nature and breathtaking views and sites. We cannot omit its picturesque towns and villages hugged by mountains and volcanoes, deserts and geysers, lagoons and salt flats. It’s the longest country in the world and the most developed one in Latin America. Its wine and olives are inseparable part of the life in the country and they (especially wine) are very cheap and affordable for everyone. Continue reading

La Città delle Rose (The Town of Roses)

When you are on your way from Venice to Ferrara in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, you might make one some-hour stop in a small but very pretty town in Veneto. It’s situated nella Pianura Padana (in the Po Valley) and namely this lowland is known as Polesine. It’s “hugged” by the rivers Adige (to the north) and Po which are interconnected by il Canal Bianco to the south. The Adriatic Coast is only 40 km far away from the town while i Colli Euganei (the hills between Padova and Vicenza) are really very close to the town. And this town is …. 🙂 Continue reading

The Island of Feelings

424-the-island-of-feelingsOnce upon a time there was one island where all feelings and values of human beings lived: Good Mood, Sadness, and Knowledge ….. including Love.  One day it was announced to the sentiments that the island would collapse. So, they had to prepare their boats and set off. Unfortunately, only Love wanted to remain there till the very last moment. When the island got drowned Love decided to ask for help. Wealth passed by Love in an extremely luxurious boat and Love said to her:

Wealth, will you bring me with you?

No, I can’t. There is too much gold and silver in my boat and there isn’t space for you.”               Continue reading

Тhe Place of Mysteries and Magic in the Heart of Puglia

420-castel-del-monteCastel del Monte (Castídde d’u Monte in Barese and the Castle of the Mountain in English) is an old 13th century edifice commissioned by imperatore Federico II (Emperor Frederick II of Swabia) and it has turned into a symbol of Puglia through the centuries. It is a place of mysteries and magic in the heart of Apulia. It’s situated more precisely in the commune of Andria, on one of the hills of the western Altopiano delle Murge (this is a karst topographic rectangular plateau in Italy, to the South, in Puglia, in particular).

The castle was officially commissioned on January 29, 1240 when the emperor said that he would provide everything needed for its construction, even though lots of scholars were against his idea and disagreed with it. Continue reading

The City of Saint Nicholas

B   A   R   I

Bari is the capital city of the region of Apulia. It is situated on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Its location is almost in the centre of the coast of Puglia (although a little bit to the north). The city has always been a very important commercial centre and that’s why it’s the second significant commercial hub of Southern Italy after Naples. The most vivid economic sectors developed in Bari are food, petrochemical and mechanical industries plus agriculture (grape, olives and almonds, in particular). It’s also a major port and university city.

Continue reading

In the Middle of the Sky

417-in-the-middle-of-the-sky-0The most important complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Hellas, i.e. Meteora, are located to the North and more precisely near the town of Kalabaka and the village of Kastraki. These two settlements are blessed to be situated in an extremely beautiful area where the first morning sun beams light up their scant greenery as well as the nearby huge rocks resembling giants. Some folklore tales say that once upon a time the latter were really old earth-born giants that turned into stone. At the early hour of the day, simandrons (the Orthdox call to prayer) and church bells call the monks of the monasteries to matins (services of morning prayers) while ordinary villagers get ready for the daily work in the fields under the echoes that are heard across the valley and the giant ravines.  Continue reading

Bucchi di Bunifaziu

416-bucchi-di-bunifaziu-0Bucchi di Bunifaziu in Corsican (or le Bocche di Bonifacio in Italian) is simply the strait between the Islands of French Corsica and Italian Sardinia. The Strait of Bonifacio was named after the French island town and it is 11km wide separating the Tyrrhenian Sea from the Western outskirts of the Mediterranean Sea. No matter how tiny the strait is, it’s well known among sailors and mariners for its constantly changing weather, currents, tides and other natural and sea obstacles. Continue reading