The Children of the Sea

436-the-children-of-the-seaThis time I am not going to talk about sailors and mariners who are definitely children of the sea. No, I will dedicate this post to these legendary aquatic creatures that are typical for the folklore of lots of cultures all over the world. They are known as sirens (or mermaids) and they have a strange appearance – a head and upper body of a gentle woman and a tail of a fish. They were active figures in the Greek and Roman mythology. They have always been taking part in a great number of legends as well as they’ve been popular characters of fairy-tales (1836 “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen, for instance), operas, paintings, movies and so on, and so forth. After this introduction, let me retell you two legends and one fairy-tale about mermaids and love. Continue reading


Cookery School of Amore Women

434-cookery-school-of-amore-womenNowadays there is a variety of schools that offer their clients and “students” various activities. There are art schools in which lovers of art gather from all over the world and enjoy the splendid beauty of paintings, statues and masterpieces of different artists of present and past times. Guess where. 🙂 Of course, in the cradle of the Renaissance. We’ve heard about wine schools abroad (mainly in Italy, France and Spain) where participants are seduced to taste wines all day long. And for sure, there are cookery schools like in the book “The Food of Love Cookery School” by Nicky Pellegrino where ancient recipes are passed down by Amore women from generation to generation. Continue reading

Irresistible Like a Classical French Pastry

428-irresistible-like-a-classical-french-pastryThe Confectioner’s Tale: A Novel of Paris by Laura Madeleine is a nice love story and it is as sweet and irresistible as a classical French creamy pastry of melted chocolate with some golden caramel added and powdered sugar sprinkled above. But at the same time  it’s a secret love story between a young man and woman makes this pastry even sweeter.

Continue reading


422-xocolata“Desig de xocolata” by Care Santos is true “chocolate love” novel consisting of three stories from three different times. You might ask how it is possible. It is. All of them have three unifying elements – chocolate and one white porcelain chocolate pot …. and three loving women. Before going to the stories themselves, let me tell you a few words about chocolate in the Pearl of Cataluña. Continue reading

Love and Treasure, Secrets and Betrayal

419-love-and-treasure-secrets-and-betrayalLove and Treasure …. Secrets and Betrayal … This is briefly the plot of “The Villa” by Rosanna Ley. The author has chosen Sicily as a set for her book because the island has always been “shadowed” and mysterious and its locals always hide deep secrets and are very sensitive to betrayals. On the other hand, islanders of Sicily fall in love and love strongly till the end of their life. After this short introduction, you might want to know what the book is about. Okay, then…. Continue reading

Love During a War

402-love-during-a-warAnthony Capella is really one of my favourite authors. His books such as “The Various Flavours of Coffee”, “The Food of Love” and “The Empress of Ice Cream” are charming and shamelessly good. But his fourth novel “The Wedding Officer” is probably the best one of them all and it makes you read it up from the very beginning to the very end holus-bolus because it makes you start longing for and dreaming of the Italian sun and the lemon of savour … it brings to Campania Felix.   Continue reading

A Love Letter to Spain

391-a-love-letter-to-spainThere is one particular book which is like a love letter to Spain with regards to the Spaniards, their culture and wine. Its title is “The Winemaker” and the author is Noah Gordon. The novel retells the 19th century story of a lad, Josep Alvarez by name, who passes through different stages in his life so that he finally becomes a winemaker and finds true love. How does this happen?

Everything starts in the village of Santa Eulália which is a small grape-growing place in Northern Spain. Continue reading