Sarò il tuo gaúcho e tu la mia Carmensita

469-saro-il-tuo-gaucho-e-tu-la-mia-carmensitaI suggested last year one Italian and I went to Argentina to celebrate Christmas. And do you know what his answer was? “Sì, andiamo in Argentina. Sarò il tuo gaúcho e tu la mia Carmensita.” (Yes, let us go to Argentina. I will be your gaúcho and you – my Carmensita ) 😀 Well, if he wants to be my gaucho it means that he pretends to be my 18th/19th century Latin American from Argentina, Uruguay or Brazil, or my Latin American cowboy or countryside man. 😀 No matter what, in this case I, as Carmensita, will be his beloved one, the one who will be dear to him. 😀  Why am I saying all these things to you? Just because I want to bring you on a short Christmas (or I’d better say “pre-Christmas”) tour to some of the central and southern American countries. And of course, I would like our journey to start namely from … Continue reading