Fishie, Fishie, Fishieeeeee …..

We dived in the Acqua World some time ago. We paid a short visit to several aquariums and oceanariums which were the biggest and the most eye-catching ones for me mainly in Southern Europe. Now lovers of fish species could join me because we are going a little bit farther to the north where we are going to cry out (beh, not loudly ..) Fishie, Fishie, Fishieeeeee ….. 😀

Den Blå Planet (Copenhagen, Denmark): If you wanna continue your water journey in Copenhagen without mermaids but in the company of sharks, piranhas, little Nemo and clown fish, just head to Den Blå Planet (or the Blue Planet). The National Aquarium Denmark is the largest one in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. It offers a great variety of fish species and animals from fresh- and salt waters of Denmark and the neighbouring seas as well as warm ocean tanks, species and animals from the Amazon rainforests and colourful fishes from coral reefs.

Malmö Aquarium (Malmö, Sweden): The city of Malmö lies on the other side of Öresund and it has its own small aquarium housed in the  Malmö Castle. The Aquarium is very tiny but nice. There are a variety of fish species, especially of those that are typically Swedish like Pike, cod, rödspetta, perch, etc. It has a small terrarium which is home to snakes, lizards and spiders. The Aquarium goes hand in hand with the Natural History Museum. The “underwater world” is not like the Blue Planet in Copenhagen but it’s a place where you can relax on weekends.

Akvariet (Stockholm, Sweden): Being in Sweden, it’s worth visiting the Aquariums in the Swedish capital. One part of Skansen in Stockholm is Akvariet (the Skansen Aquarim). Actually, it’s not a typical aquarium in terms of exhibits of fish species. It will be a little bit confusing to you, if you expect that you will pass only through tanks with colourful fish, clown fish, piranhas, sharks and so on and so forth. Nope. After going through the rainforest at the main entrance, you have a diversity of options. You might start with sea life section where you will find fish, corals, etc, as usual. But there is much more. You will be attracted by various reptiles. Big snakes and crocodiles will lie peacefully beyond high fences while you are got stricken by the wooow-effect. Unlike them cheerful and vivid lemurs and Meerkats will play with you joyfully because they are not placed in cages but they walk freely all around.

Aquaria Vattenmuseum (Stockholm, Sweden): If you insist on visiting a true aquarium (not such a mixed place), now worries. The Swedish capital has such a place and it’s situated not far away from the Skansen one. It’s called Aquaria Vattenmuseum (Aquaria Water Museum). Also here you should pass through a rainforest. While going out of it you will be stuck there. In what sense? The sun will disappear, it will become darker and darker all over because of the forthcoming tropical storm. Thanks God you survive and now you can continue your walk along the numerous sea tanks full of corals, sharks, smaller fish, etc.

Haga Ocean (Stockholm, Sweden):  If you want to continue your “sea entertainment”, take the public transport or a train and go to Haga Ocean in the outskirts of Stockholm. It is one of the largest shark aquariums in Scandinavia. Black-tip Reef and Sandbar sharks plus numerous exotic, colourful fish will say “Hi, my dinner” to you from the 30-metre sea tank which holds only 1.2 million liters of water. May your journey be even more exotic … 🙂 What would you say? If you agree, don’t hesitate and visit the Butterfly House at the Haga Ocean where exotic and extremely colourful butterflies will be your cpmpany. Last but not least, you might pay a visit to the fantastic Wild Water Animals photo exhibit.


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