The Black Mill

Being still on the topic of Denmark and Sweden, I am dedicating this post to one legend which is very popular in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. In my humble opinion, it is too cruel because there is too much blood and Devil is one of the main characters. But it’s true people from the north know it and even they have black mills. And the legend goes like this …

Once upon a time there was a witchcraft practicing miller who lived in a tiny village to the north. That same man made a deal with the Devil. What did he do exactly? He produced the most delicious flour ever and nobody knew his recipe. And the truth was that he made it from smashed human bones (instead of grain) of the people who came to the isolated mill and were murdered by his helper and slave.

After some time villagers got suspicious about the miller, especially when their friends started simply disappearing.  They took torches and paid a visit to the strange mill. And what happened? When they realized the miller’s dirty business and horrible acts, they couldn’t resist and put both him and the mill on fire until everything was burnt and the ash and fire coloured the mill black. Since then black mills have been associated with this legend while the miller (but only this particular one) has been thought to be a guardian at Hell’s Gate appointed by the Devil.


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