Cookery School of Amore Women

434-cookery-school-of-amore-womenNowadays there is a variety of schools that offer their clients and “students” various activities. There are art schools in which lovers of art gather from all over the world and enjoy the splendid beauty of paintings, statues and masterpieces of different artists of present and past times. Guess where. 🙂 Of course, in the cradle of the Renaissance. We’ve heard about wine schools abroad (mainly in Italy, France and Spain) where participants are seduced to taste wines all day long. And for sure, there are cookery schools like in the book “The Food of Love Cookery School” by Nicky Pellegrino where ancient recipes are passed down by Amore women from generation to generation.

Luca Amore is the main character and he is a successor of the Amore family that lived in a small mountainous village in Southern Sicily. Favio is a very inviting place which welcomes its guests and visitors with its vineyards and olive groves, nearby beautiful towns and architectural and historic heritage, the proximity of turquoise sea as well as its selection of fresh ingredients, rich ancient dishes, sweets and amore.

Young Luca was one of the paparazzi in the past, who followed celebrities and especially, one very beautiful and extremely gentle woman who found her death in a tunnel in Paris why being chased by curious photographers. After this tragedy the Sicilian lad gives up on this craft and goes back to his birth town. His idea is to keep alive his grandma’s recipes and that’s why he establishes his Cookery School “The Food of Love”. He teaches his “students” to cook the ancient and extremely delicious meals passed down to him owing to the generations of Amore women.

Luca is accustomed to hosting cooking lovers from whatever corner of the globe. They come, enjoy lessons in cooking, fall in love with the surrounding nature, and then they go. But the young man has the rare chance to have four ladies as students and to fall in love with one of them. All of the women are at different age, with different professions but they have something in common, i.e. all of them are at a turning point. They enroll in Luca’s classes in cooking not only because they want to enrich their culinary skills but also to find out who they are and possibly to make somehow a restart of their lives. And who are these four ladies?

Moll is a lover of food at heart but at the same time she’s an exhausted working mom of two young girls. Her stay in Sicily is her dream vacation. Tricia is a very prosperous lawyer who seeks some peace from her duties at work and toward her family in the sun-drenched hills of Favio. Valerie has still been grieving for her beloved dead partner and she’s been trying to find the answer to the question: “How will I continue my life?Poppy is an Australian maiden who comes to Sicily to find out her Sicilian roots and namely her Sicilian origins makes Luca fall in love with her ….  🙂


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