Never Beg … Be Yourself … Be Surrounded by the Right People

430-never-beg-be-yourself-be-surrounded-by-the-right-peopleThe more one grows the wiser they become. Their perceptions change and people see the world from a different angle. But in order to get all these reflections, one has a long way to pass and a lot of lessons to learn. And here are several lessons which might be of help to you to walk the long way of life more quickly.

Never beg”: Never beg anyone to remain in your life. People come and people go, and only your family and true friends are always part of it. The rest might leave it immediately if your texts, calls and visits get ignored.

Be Yourself”: There is no need to chase people and to imitate them. Work hard and enjoy yourself and of course, always be yourself. Don’t be a duplicate but the original and example. And the people who belong to your life will come to find you out.

Be surrounded by the right people”:  You know the right people …You know who they are … those who will love you enormously no matter what … those who will stick around, be at your side and listen to you when times get tough. They will be proud of you and of every success of yours. They will treat you well, with much love and affection.  And  you will always be their priority … because that’s what you deserved … Nothing less.” 🙂


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