Don’t Make Me Angry

427-dont-make-me-angryThe third “element” that constitutes Italy and that characterizes it is its people – the Italians. For me these are the most open-minded, the warmest, the most loving and the most affectionate people ever. They fall in love easily and when they love, l’amore (love) is true and forever. They are too passionate and are always dedicated to the ladies of their hearts.

These sympathetic and sunny Casanovas (oh, sorry, I wanted to say Gentlemen 😉 ) can get angry, too. And you yourself can realize it through their faces and hands when they get angry. You know that gestures are inseparable part of the Italian language. The Italians gesticulate and wave their hands here and there all the time.  But you will see their vivid movements more explicitly when they’re angry. They move too energetically, too frenetically, they show the “cut-throat” sign under their chin symbolically.

However, sometimes it’s difficult that you understand whether an Italian guy is angry or he is just too happy to see you. If you’re not sure about this you might try to use one of the five below methods and ways to get him angry. And which are they?

I am not following the “rules of the road”?! …  Come mai?! … Mortacci tua: There are the rules of the road in Italy like any other country in the world. The Italians try to apply it by putting street signs and creating parking slots everywhere. But there is one peculiarity in Italy, i.e. when an Italian gets into the car, all of the above mentioned goes way.  I know from experience that these sweet people are capable of driving a car at 150km/h along a high-mountain road … in winter. 😀 On the other hand, drivers on motorini overtake other vehicles on the road on the right, on the left one and even from above. 😀 As far as innocent pedestrians are concerned, almost “dance” on zebra crossings wishing that drivers braked and it happens every 10 metres. And what do drivers do at this time? They “award” one another with the typical Roman greeting mortacci tua while trying to overtake another vehicle with a back turned to the other side of the traffic. But you if you dare express your personal opinion that the rules of the road are not observed, you will get an Italian angry who definitely will say: “I am not following the “rules of the road”?! …  Come mai?! … Mortacci tua”. 😉

Where are the kisses? Are you angry with me?: You know that the Italians’ greeting is  the sing-songy “Ciaooo, bella” followed by two kisses (the so-called “bacietti”) on each cheek. I will open a bracket here. Principally, adults and old Italians kiss twice when they meet you while teenagers and younger representatives from the Boot kiss you three times – two kisses on the cheeks and the third one could be on the lips (if you’re fast enough and if you know the Italians better, you will avoid this seducing lip kiss … ). Bracket closed. If you miss to kiss an Italian upon your meeting since you’re in a hurry, you will get a bitter look from him and the following comments: “Where are the kisses? Are you angry with me?”.

Italian cuisine is the most delicious one and our wines are the best. Punto!: It’s an undisputable fact that people from all over the world adore i sapori d’Italia, i.e. Italian food. And it’s really true. The Italians themselves are extremely proud of it and they “guard” this fame through all means. Let us imagine the following almost probable situation. You might share with your Italian friend that you had a nice paella and a glass of Sangria Blanco yesterday. Do you know what an answer would be? “Ooooo …. Come oooon. There is not cuisine more delicious than ours.  As to our wines … Mamma miaaaa”. You might continue enumerating the advantages of your yesterday’s paella and Sangria but be prepared for an even more “overexcited” comment from the side of your Italian friend, sounding like this: “Italian cuisine is the most delicious one and our wines are the best. Punto!” .

Muoviti, muoviti  (Move, move): The Italians like any other Mediterranean nation are never in a hurry. They do things slowly and it’s a notion that they are a little bit lazy. Why? Because they live their dolce vita and there is no sense to change it. But this applies only to their favourite activities and those which bring them joy and delight. But when it comes to other public activities (e.g. standing in the queue, being in the traffic jam, etc.), believe me the Italians are very impatient and they will always say to you: “Muoviti, muoviti  (Move, move)”.

Don’t make general conclusions. We, the Italians, are different: You might be aware of the fact that Italy has 20 regions and 110 provinces. Each of them has its own peculiarities staring from cuisine, going through traditions and ending with local dialects. Normally, it’s a rule of thumb North is more industrialized and the more you go to the South, the more chaos and party people you find. This is applicable not to certain countries in the world but also to Italy.  If you meet a Neapolitan on the island of Sicily, he will say that i veneti (people from the Northern region of Veneto whose capoluogo is la Serenissima) are “i napoletani del nord” (the Neapolitans of the North). If you are somewhere in Milan, for instance, people will tell you to watch Benvenuti al Sud.  Sardinian people are simply i sardi. People from Rome are i romani and representatives of the ancient Roman Empire. Ancestors of i Medici are mainly those natives who live in beautiful Tuscany.  While i pugliesi will make you fall in love with them at first sight. Do you see how diverse Italy is. That’s why the Italians generally state the following: “Don’t make general conclusions. We, the Italians, are different”. 🙂


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