The Island of Feelings

424-the-island-of-feelingsOnce upon a time there was one island where all feelings and values of human beings lived: Good Mood, Sadness, and Knowledge ….. including Love.  One day it was announced to the sentiments that the island would collapse. So, they had to prepare their boats and set off. Unfortunately, only Love wanted to remain there till the very last moment. When the island got drowned Love decided to ask for help. Wealth passed by Love in an extremely luxurious boat and Love said to her:

Wealth, will you bring me with you?

No, I can’t. There is too much gold and silver in my boat and there isn’t space for you.”               Then Love decided to ask Pride who was passing by in a magnificent vessel.

Pride, I am asking you to take me with you.

I can’t help you, Love….” answered Pride. “Everything has been perfectly arranged here and you could destroy my boat.”

After that Love asked Sadness who was passing by:

Sadness, please, allow me to come with you.

Oh, Love,” replied Sadness, I am so sad that I would like to remain all alone.

Also Good Mood was around Love but he was so contented that he didn’t notice hat Love was talking to him.

A voice said all of a sudden: “Come, Love. I will take you with me.” It was one old man who was talking to Love. Love was feeling so grateful and full of joy that forgot to ask about the old man’s name. When they arrived on the mainland, he went away. Love realized how much she owed to him and asked Knowledge:

Knowledge, can you tell me who helped me?

It was Time, replied Knowledge.

Time?!”, repeated Love.But why did Time help me at all?

Knowledge, full of wisdom, said: “Because only Time is capable of understanding when Love is important in one’s life.


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