A Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire

415-a-vertical-expression-of-a-horizontal-desire“¡Ay que peligroso!” (“Wooow, it’s dangerous!”), people will exclaim when you tell them you wanna visit La Boca (the Mouth) – one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The tiny barrio (neighbourhood) has always had a bad reputation, especially when visited from dusk till dawn, but at the same time it is a very popular tourist stop in the capital of the country. Why is it so attractive?

Well, La Boca is located near the Old Port and it attracts thousands of tourists annually with La Bombonera (or Estadio Alberto J. Armando – one of the primary stadiums) and Diego Maradona, with its multi-coloured houses as well as with the bunch of bohemian vibes. The golden days in Boca looked like a never-ending party. Continue reading