The Giornalist, the Professor and the Married

413-the-giornalist-the-professor-the-marriedYou may be asking yourselves who they are – the journalist, the professor and the married. Well, they are the three main characters of “One Night in Italy” by Lucy Diamond who have one thing in common, i.e. their passion for the language, cuisine and atmosphere of Italy. The three ladies from Sheffield meet through the Italian language course and new classes in Italian help them get to know each other and become very good friends. Or actually, their passion for il bel paese (the nickname of Italy) was the driving force for this. And who are they, as a matter of fact?

Anna is journalist who has a very boring life with her dull and unfaithful boyfriend. She needs a change and at that very moment she accidentally stumbles upon some clues related to her father whom she doesn’t know at all. The reason for that is her mother’s reluctance to speak about him. But like in a fairy-tale Anna finds a mystery and this mystery is that her father is Italian. From this very moment her burning curiosity opens up and she is determined to get familiar to her Italian roots. How? Now she’s cooking Italian food, baking a focaccia and experimenting with tiramisu. She is highly determined to prepare her luggage, dust off her passport and go to Italy and meet him in person. Moreover, she enrolls in an Italian language course where she meets the other two ladies and where she manages to enrich her vocabulary in the language of love.

Sophie has had a long life as a traveller, roamer and adventurer and has been avoiding her home for several years now. While she leads a happy life serving gelato  to tourists in sunny Sorrento she gets an unexpected call that her father has got a heart attack. She needs to come back home (un)willingly where she needs to get used to live with her mother again. She feels uncomfortable and has only one desire, i.e. her father to recuperate soon and she to escape the tension at home and start travelling again. Life is gentle with her because it makes her surprises she least expects – she meets her greatest love again after many years and turns back to her dream to become and actress. But before all this happens Sophie takes a job teaching Italian.

Catherine is a poor housewife who has always put efforts in raising her family. She has no work experience because she has always dedicated her life to her kids and husband. Unfortunately, after a long family life her kids grow up and leave for university. All of sudden Catherine gets a very bitter surprise from her husband. He has been cheating on her for a long time and just now he decides to leave her for another woman. However, there is something else about him which is even more serious than infidelity. At this very moment Catherine is left and she knows nothing about her future which makes her find a job and a new identity. She needs friends and she finds them at the evening classes in Italian. They give her courage to pick up the pieces of her ruined life and restart it as soon as possible and in a better way.


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