Tieqa Żerqa

409-tieqa-zerqa-0Probably Tieqa Żerqa in Maltese means nothing to you but it means a lot to locals. It is their Blue Window which has become an icon in the islands and one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Mediterranean basin. As a matter of fact, the towering rock formation is a natural arch of Maltese limestone (called Globigerina) situated close to Dwejra Bay on the Island of Gozo in the inland sea.  The giant doorway of Malta is spectacular as sea lovers admire the “immense blue” beyond the cliff. The sea is really very, very deep and of a dark blue hue.

A   Z   U   R   E      W   I   N   D   O   W

The collapse of two limestone sea caves and the sea erosion over thousands of years resulted in the creation of the 328-foot flat-topped natural rock. Unfortunately, the natural arch has started disintegrating since large rock pieces have begun to fall down and down from beneath. This process of disintegration will continue as a result of the dislocation of the underside of Tieqa Żerqa. The natural phenomenon will be made larger and wider and will lose its almost oblong shape. I will open a bracket here. Geology experts have the fear that this marvellous masterpiece of nature will collapse one day due to the power of wind and sea waves. Bracket closed. That’s a danger and that’s why recently there have been signs on the cliffs warning visitors and scuba divers to walk on the top of the arch.

409-tieqa-zerqa-10And yes … The Azure Window is very popular for cliff-divers. Jumping from there is one of the most popular activities for them in the islands because, actually, they make a jump into another wonder of Gozo, i.e. the Blue Hole together with the Chimney, which is another collapsed limestone sea cave. Divers access it through a 262-foot tunnel under the Blue Window where they do enjoy an immensely beautiful and diverse marine life.

In the end, I would add one or two more things. The Azure Window is Maltese true star. Why? It’s featured in several films, among which the TV series of the Games of the Throne as well as The Count of Monte Cristo and The Clash of the Titans. Apart from this, it’s a backdrop of numerous advertisements of Marks and Spencer, Calvin Klein, etc. It also has a strong presence in social media because it’s the most Instagrammed location and the selfie capital of Malta. Moreover, every photographer makes some of the best shots there in winter or summer, in sunshine or rain, at sunset or sunrise.

Enjoy Tieqa Żerqa  only in photos because it collapsed in a stormy weather at about 9:30 local time on March 8, 2017 and the main reason was natural erosion.


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