The Crazy Family

408-the-crazy-familyThe Crazy family is a play by English playwright and actor Ray Cooney. It’s a very present-day play that reflects our lives and the secrets we have. Do you agree that all lies are always revealed sooner or later?

Yes, if you have been a bigamist for about 18 years, your two children will meet all of a sudden owing to social media and high techs. One of these innocent chats between teenagers will unhide your well and long kept secret and then you will get into numerous very funny situations. Each of your actions or things you say will make your life more complicated and harder. For sure, you won’t be able to cope with it all alone. So, your roommate will help you. But will he?

Nope. Because he will have the hardest task to quench “family fire” between your two wives and your children. He will have to “invent” story after story while you jump from one of the family houses to the other. Your boy and girl will be too eager to meet while your wives will make your day grey-black. But finally, your secret will be fully revealed because you talk in your sleep and …. And another deeply hidden secret will pop up, i.e. one of your kids isn’t yours because one of your wives was unfaithful to you only once in her life and your girl’s father is namely the roommate.  😉


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