Finocchio (Fennel)

post_405-poor-franceI watched one really very funny play some time ago which I did like much. Apart from the funny moments, the plot was related to the scared relationship between a father and son, to the sexual orientation and the tolerance which we should have towards all these who are different from us, and to the things of life. So ….

The brakes of taxi are heard in a small street near the Seine River on a misty and foggy morning. The sounds of an old French accordion and the smell of freshly baked croissants add more charm to the “wake-up” Paris. Victor Thabourey is a merchant from the French town of Limoges. He has come here to the big city to visit his only son – Michelle. The aim of his visit is to inform him that his mother has run away with his uncle to the far-away Alps.

Mr Thabourey Senior has only one relief and hope, i.e. to be understood by his son. But instead of getting understanding, he gets the next bitter surprise in his life. Do you know what it is? He realizes that his beloved Michelle is with a different sexual orientation. He gets to know it in a very extraordinary way – he simply meets his “girlfriend” named José Pillet. The latter seems to be very charming until the dramatic moment when the father understands the truth.

The play is a true comedy but it also reveals the gap between generations, the different perceptions of life they have, their different value, ideals and expression of love.


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