The Giornalist, the Professor and the Married

413-the-giornalist-the-professor-the-marriedYou may be asking yourselves who they are – the journalist, the professor and the married. Well, they are the three main characters of “One Night in Italy” by Lucy Diamond who have one thing in common, i.e. their passion for the language, cuisine and atmosphere of Italy. The three ladies from Sheffield meet through the Italian language course and new classes in Italian help them get to know each other and become very good friends. Or actually, their passion for il bel paese (the nickname of Italy) was the driving force for this. And who are they, as a matter of fact? Continue reading



412-mzunguThe word mzungu means a “wanderer” (i.e. “one who roams around”) in the Bantu language which is spoken in the region of the Great Lakes of Africa and it derives from zungu or zunguka in Kiswahili whose meaning is “to spin around at the same place”. That’s why the 18th century European explorers who travelled extensively all over the place in that period of time were called mzungu. Nowadays the term is simply used to refer to “white people”, “people with white skin” in African countries in the region of the Great Lakes, one of them being Zambia and the small town of Pemba, in particular.   Continue reading

The Three Taboos

411-the-three-taboosPrincipally, everybody is free to say and do whatever they want everywhere. But there exist several things which are a taboo and they’d better not mention them or do them when they travel and reside in a foreign country. As you know, my passion for Italy is very strong and tangible and that’s why I am going to underline the three things you’d better skip while you’re on the boot. Continue reading

Nei Caraibi (In the Caribbeans)

410-nei-caraibi-in-the-caribbeansMost probably you relate the Caribbean basin mainly to the Pirates of the Caribbean film series about Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and his dangerous adventures. But do you know where the Caribbean is situated and what it’s all about exactly? Yes, I know you do. The Caribbean is a very exotic region in the Caribbean Sea and in the outskirts of the North Atlantic Ocean. It consists of some 2000 islands, islets, cays and reefs between the Gulf of Mexico and the mainland of North America on the one hand, and eastern parts of Central America and north South America, on the other hand.

The name of the region and the homonymous sea derives from the name of an indigenous people known as the Kalinago or Caribs that lived there in the pre-Columbian era. Unfortunately, “original Caribs” don’t exist anymore in present times but the whole region has kept the original name up to now. Moreover, one of the flagship beers there is called Carib and its ads are really very attractive and entertaining. Continue reading

Tieqa Żerqa

409-tieqa-zerqa-0Probably Tieqa Żerqa in Maltese means nothing to you but it means a lot to locals. It is their Blue Window which has become an icon in the islands and one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Mediterranean basin. As a matter of fact, the towering rock formation is a natural arch of Maltese limestone (called Globigerina) situated close to Dwejra Bay on the Island of Gozo in the inland sea.  The giant doorway of Malta is spectacular as sea lovers admire the “immense blue” beyond the cliff. The sea is really very, very deep and of a dark blue hue. Continue reading

The Crazy Family

408-the-crazy-familyThe Crazy family is a play by English playwright and actor Ray Cooney. It’s a very present-day play that reflects our lives and the secrets we have. Do you agree that all lies are always revealed sooner or later?

Yes, if you have been a bigamist for about 18 years, your two children will meet all of a sudden owing to social media and high techs. One of these innocent chats between teenagers will unhide your well and long kept secret and then you will get into numerous very funny situations. Continue reading

The Russian Far East

407-the-russian-far-eastKamchatka is a peninsula in the Russian Far East and is situated very close to Japan. It was a restricted zone even for the Russians in the 1950s of last century as it had lots of military bases which have still existed. Nowadays it’s an open territory for people who choose to work there and tourists alike. The area is famous for its very unpredictable weather, wild nature, fish, game, marine life, and above all numerous fuming volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and a lake of acid.

The capital city of this mysterious peninsula is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at whose entrance there is a monument of two bears and a sign on it saying: Continue reading