The Power of Lullaby

400-the-power-of-lullabyProbably few of you know the story “The Power of Lullaby” by Georgian writer Iakob Gogebashvili. On the other hand, I bet that not many of you have had the chance to watch the puppet show for adults of the same name staged by the Giorgi Miqeladze Tbilisi Professional State Puppet Theatre. Well, if you’re among these people, I will give you a humble piece of advice. Look for this puppet show for adults at any cost because it’s really a fairy-tale for grown-up children, which is retold through puppets and one lullaby, and with much creativity. And yes … The author of the story himself is the main figure and he tells the story to the audience. While you are searching for this extraordinary experience, I am going to recount you the story of the power of lullaby briefly.

Once upon a time there lived a rich family in a village located to the east of Tbilisi. The only daughter of the young parents was a small girl named Qeto. She had a very happy infancy but unfortunately, when she was 3 years old she was kidnapped by two cruel men from nearby Dagestan. They wanted to earn easy money and that’s the reason why they kidnapped the innocent child and brought it to their country. These two vagabonds sold the little kid to a rich and noble, local family. Fortunately, Qeto’s new parents were very good people, indeed, and that’s why she forgot her motherland, mother tongue and even her real parents step-by-step.

During Qeto’s three years of absence, her biological parents never stopped looking for her constantly. Her father – Zurab Quartveladze, did his best to bring his daughter and finally, he managed to find her again in Dagestan. After some obstacles he brought her back to Georgia. Stepping on her motherland, everything was so strange and unfamiliar to Qeto. She couldn’t recognize anything and even her house and mother – Magdan.

All of sudden, the desperate mother started singing a song. This was the same old lullaby which Magdan used to sing to his daughter when Qeto was a baby. Then, the old memories “attacked” the small child. She got afraid at first moments but next moment she rushed to her mother and hugged her…. 🙂

Do you like it? 🙂


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