The High Mountains of Portugal

398-the-high-mountains-of-portugalThe High Mountains of Portugal” is the title of the book by Yann Martel. It retells three stories of love and loss, faith and lack of faith, which are interconnected with one another due to a quest started by Tomás. The young man stumbles upon an old journal in the archives of the National Museum of Antique Arts, in which he finds some information on an extraordinary artifact which might redefine and change history completely. After the death of his beloved girl, child and father in one week only, he has nothing to lose. So, he takes the adventure to look for and find out this artifact. In this connection he starts a travel in one of the earliest European automobiles to the High Mountains of Portugal.

The second story starts 35 years later after the young man set out in search of this strange artifact. Now the protagonist is a Portuguese pathologist who is a fan of the mysterious books of Agatha Christie. His devotion to her novels, lead him to the mysteries which are consequences of young Tomás’ quest. But this isn’t the end of the story because after other 50 years a Canadian senator chooses Portugal and his ancestral village in the High Mountains as a refuge. The third story gets a little bit complicated as the Canadian arrives accompanied by a very unusual companion – a chimpanzee. He thinks this way he will find relief after the loss of his wife and in the company of this new strange friend.

After a series of events, the quest is completed and the temporary fable and a little bit ghost story leave us breathless.


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