Masha i Medved

397-masha-i-medved“Маша и Медведь” (“Masha i Medved”) is the Russian title of the animated TV series created by Oleg Kuzovkov and produced by Animaccord. The series are dedicated to a loving and extremely vivid little girl called Masha who makes mischief after mischief in the house of the big and good-natured bear, Misha by name. He is an ex-circus player who would  love enjoying peace and silence at home but the little and sweet girl makes his life too interesting every time.

Actually, the plot and the main characters are “too old” and they have been taken from the old Russian fairy-tale of the same name. I remember it from my childhood because I watched the movie or my parents read the book to me frequently together with other Russian series and books such as “Ну, Погоди!” (“Nu, Pogodi!”), “Чебура́шка и Крокодил Гена” (Cheburashka or better known as Topple in English and Gena the Crocodile), etc. My memories are still alive and they will be kept in future as well due to the best work of Animaccord.

You would say that “Masha and the Bear” is a film for kids. Yes, it is. But it is also an intriguing movie for us – grown-up children. And do you know why? … Because it brings us to our free-problem childhood when we thought about nothing else but about games and fun. And there is nothing better than being a kid for a while in the grey everyday life as an adult. Namely this cartoon and animation makes us smile and makes us remember that we behaved like Masha when we were at her age. And here are several simple and humble examples of what I mean.

We were fans of chocolate and sweets like her and our parents were always worried about our teeth. We wanted to help anybody and we turned into “home-made” heroes or ninjas but all our attempts put us always into troubles. On the other hand, we were always as energetic and naughty as three-year old Masha as well as our extreme curiosity brought us into incredible and funny adventures and troubles. We made friends with other kids easily like Masha whose friends are all animals from the old forest. What else? Yes, she loves her cousin – Dasha, the penguin adopted by Misha and Bear’s Chinese cousin – the panda cub. And finally, Masha dreams of growing up fast like every child.

And when a children like Masha becomes adults, most often people turn into Misha the Bear. He is afraid of disorder and he loves comfort and peace. Very often he spends time alone in his cozy house, drinking tea and gardening. But he is on full alert from the very meeting with Masha, expecting her wild and funny adventure every minute. And of course, he is always involved in it (without any exception). In spite of becoming a victim because of her endless, innovative games, Misha is always near her, protecting and loving her.



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