Nerves of Steel

394-nerves-of-steelI used to travel on organized excursions a lot. What I mean is that certain tourist agency gathered a group of about 40-50 tourists and offered them a trip to a certain place or country (sometimes a round trip as well) by bus. Every trip was tricky because people who travelled were from various age groups with various interests. Moreover, there were people who didn’t enjoy trips because they were not from the DRD4-7R “blood group” but they were there on the bus and nobody knew why. And of course, there were such tourists who always got on the nerves of guides and they were always the ones who opposed every decision and everybody, thus ruining other people’s journey. And here is a brief description of such anti-tourists who can really make you crazy if you happen to be the guide of a tourist group on an organized excursion.

They have their own rules which they follow: They don’t want to be a sheep from the flock and they neglect anybody and anything. But at the same time, these tourists amuse themselves to the max during everybody trp. How?

They’re always late: If the guide has fixed a departure time, they come about 20 minutes later. All other travellers have already taken their seats on the bus, patiently waiting for them. The bus driver is already absolutely nervous and has even switched on the engine. Finally, our guys pop up and get on the bus, knowing that they don’t have to wait for others to come.

They ask as many questions as they can: We have one saying in Bulgaria: “There is not a stupid question. So, feel free to ask whatever you want.” And this applies to these travellers as well. They are of the opinion that your guide is there for you to share experience and knowledge with you. So, tourists ought to help him/her by “interrogating” him. Why don’t we have to ask questions like: “What’s this?”, “What’s that building over there?”, “Is this stone important?”. Repeating questions which have already been answered is highly recommended as any repetition is of great importance.

They ask the bus to stop for a short WC-break every hour: Going to toilet is a very delicate matter. Such tourists think that if the bus driver can stop so other people can go to use the toilet, it will stop for them, too. Of course, 10 minutes later after the previous stop.

There use their guide’s name correctly every time: If the guide’s name written on the badge is Michael, these travellers will call him John all the time probably because John is a nice name and they like it.

They correct their guide’s mistakes: Hmmm …Why should the guide provide tourists with misleading and inaccurate information on places and historic facts? It’s not right. That’s why these guys simply interrupt and correct the guide every minute. Thus they become true heroes fighting inaccuracies and saving the nation’s history, especially in neighbouring countries where history is complicated and interrelated to the history of your own country.

Or they don’t listen to their guides at all: Principally, they start a guided tour of their own thanks to the guidebook that they have brought from home.

They are always serious when it comes to the taking of photos: They are photographers and they do insist on taking unique photographs of the places they visit. That’s why they are always the first to arrive at a certain place. They start setting their digital cameras and it takes them so much time to do it since they want their photos to be perfect and without the “presence” of the other 50 tourists. They spread their hands and take some 20 pics which are completely the same. So, other travellers can do nothing but stand still patiently until this ritual finishes.

They leave the group: They declare their disappointment with the whole organization of the trip and they just quit. Their guide cannot allow this to happen because these travellers are clients who have paid for the trip. But this poor person is already extremely offended by their comments. So, these “rebels” just take their suitcase and continue their journey on foot.

 The empire strikes back … 😉


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