Coupling Simulator

393-coupling-simulatorHmmm … Probably you are astonished with the title of this play by Josef Scrimshaw. It might sound somehow strange and even extraordinary to you. No worries. It’s not. It’s quite an ordinary play by the American comedian and writer but it is probably more interactive than any other performance. It’s interactive because spectators have the right to determine the main characters’ destiny, to influence the performance and to inspire some more than 20 possible options of the plot.

And they do it by reaching decisions instead of the protagonists at some certain moments. It’s interesting, isn’t it? And what is the play about, as a matter of fact? 

Coupling Simulator is very funny and modern performance which treats the issues which 30-year old ladies usually face, and the main character, in particular. She is young lady who is on the lookout for a descent husband and father of her children. She looks for this individual very, very carefully. She is so obsessed with the idea to find a normal partner in life so she goes to extremes a little bit – every time when she dates someone, she interviews him. As to him, he is a rounded and pooh man who pretends to be a rapper but in fact, he turns out to be a very gentle, tender and sensitive soul. Although he is unemployed, the sea biologist attracts her with his hidden intellect and she feels that he might be his Mr All.

But is she right?! … Things don’t go smoothly between them from time to time during the evening. That’s why the waiter takes part in their conversations and sometimes loud talks. But he is helpless at a time and that’s why he asks the audience for assistance. This way spectators become judges and play the role of the evil and relentless destiny. After they take a decision, they become witnesses of the consequences. And all this is to help these two young and confused people who are complete strangers to one another and who meet, eac h of them having a different idea of the future meeting. But as a whole, he purpose of their meeting is marriage, this most horrible and terrifying cultural institution, invented by the western civilization.


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