Choices And Attitude

392-choices-and-attitudeJerry was an excellent and unique manager of a restaurant. He was always in a good mood and with a very positive towards anyone. Every time when he was asked how he was feeling, he answered: “If I were any better, I would be twins”.

One day he decided to change his job and most of the waiters he had been working with followed him from restaurant to restaurant. Everybody asked why these guys did it … Because of his attitude towards people and his skills to motivate people. That natural motivator managed to cheer up his employees and he always made them see the bright side of a certain situation even on the worst days at work.

One day Jerry was asked:

I don’t really get it. I don’t know you do it, i.e. to be positive all of the time. Please, do explain it to me. 

Jerry just smiled and said:

Well, every morning I wake up and tell myself …. Jerry, my friend, you have two choices today, i.e. to be in a good or in a bad mood… I always choose to be positive and in a good mood. Our lives is a maze of ups and downs and when something bad happens I have two choices again – to be a victim or to learn from the situation. Why should be a victim? I’d better learn from hard situations. On the other hand, when somebody comes to me complaining, I have two choices again – to accept their complaints or to make them look on the bright side of life. Guess what. I always choose the bright side of life as life is too short.

Okay … Right …. But it’s not that easy every time.”

Jerry commented on the above statement:

Nope, on the contrary, it’s so easy. Look, life is all about choices. When you’re on a crossroad and you should reach a decision, any situation is a choice. It’s up to you to decide how you react to a certain situation. You yourself decide whether or how other people affect you. You choose to be in a good or in a bad mood, to be positive or negative.

Some years later Jerry did something which was highly undesirable in restaurant business. One evening he left the restaurant backdoor open. Unfortunately, three armed robbers held him up at gunpoint.  While he was trying to open the safe, his hands were shaking and he mistook the safe combination. The robbers panicked and shot him.

Fortunately, Jerry was found relatively quickly and was brought to the emergency of the nearby hospital. After long surgery and some-month intensive care, he recovered slowly. After several months after the terrible accident, Jerry was asked how he was feeling and he answered:

If I were any better, I would be twin. Does anyone want to see my scars?

When people asked him what he was thinking about when one of the robbers shot at him. His answer was:

Hmmm … The first thing I thought of was that I should have locked the door. Then, when I was shot and lying on the floor I told myself I had two choices – to live or to die. I decided to live. I didn’t have fear at that time because the paramedics were amazing. They told me everything was going fine and I would live. Unfortunately, when they brought me to the emergency room I really got scared. And do you want to know why?  I saw the doctors and nurses’ expressions on their faces saying “He’s a dead man”. I can assure you that I was really frightened at that very moment. I gathered strength since I knew I had to act. And what did I do?

There was a nurse whose task was to shoot question after question. She asked me whether I was allergic to something. After I had taken a deep breath amid the pain, I shouted out that I was allergic to bullets. The doctors and nurses began laughing while I asked them to treat me as I was alive, not dead.

Jerry’s life was saved owing to the doctors and nurses’ skills but also thanks to his always positive attitude.

So, guys, we ought to learn from Jerry and to know that we have the choice on a daily basis so that we can live out our life fully. Nobody can “rob” our choice because it’s only ours. Nobody can affect us because attitude, after all, is everything. 🙂


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