The Historic Garzoni Garden

L   O      S   T   O   R   I   C   O      G   I   A   R   D   I   N   O      G   A   R   Z   O   N   I

The historic Garzoni Garden is among the 18th centuries “garden masterpieces”. The well known “garden age” gave a birth to some really very splendid parks and villas like the Villas of Lucca, the Royal Palace in Caserta and the Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel, and of course, the Garzoni Garden. The latter was simply a small forest for hunting in the very beginning. Later it turned into an awesome country residence of the Counts Garzoni where there was a wise usage of water and plants and all disadvantages of the terrain became advantages.

386-the-historic-garzoni-garden-10Nowadays, visitors get lost among the wonders of this place. They find a shelter in the fresh and inviting artificial grotte, bamboo groves and natural theatres. The whole garden is dotted by white statues of satyrs, goddesses, animals, mythological, biblical and folklore characters. These white monuments are spread out in the green vegetation but sometimes they are hidden in it. All this makes visitors free their mind and imagination while wondering through the variety of flowers and while passing by fountains and waterfalls. It’s the greatest pleasure to take a stroll along the fresh and shaded alleys which lead you from the “water-games kingdom” to some deep hidden corners. Namely hidden pearls such as the Maze, the Green Theatre, the Alley of the Poor, the Baths Pavilion, etc., cheered up and made the Counts Garzoni fully relax once upon a time.

386-the-historic-garzoni-garden-11In the beginning there was a fortress that had to protect the Village of Castello. Later aristocratic Garzoni family got a luxurious villa built on the steep hill above the garden. It consisted of a Summer House and a chapel, both of them showing the mighty and cultural ambitions of the noble family. The Garzoni Villa has changed several owners since the second half of the 1920s when the last descendant of the Garzoni sold it. Unfortunately, the splendid villa is closed to visitors and only the Garden is open for visits.

386-the-historic-garzoni-garden-12If you are curious and want to know more about the garden and the family, you might go to the “Spaccio di Rosina” in lower parts of the garden where there are building which were once used for farming. Nowadays, they house the ticket office and the Documentation Centre and the exhibition area. A short 1954 vintage documentary movie and around 1500 old photographs and images reveal the garden before and after the restoration.  By the way, this place has been visited by a great number of popular politicians through the centuries.

386-the-historic-garzoni-garden-13Probably, you’ve already watched the movie and seen the pics. You might have also had a look at the cafè-restaurant “Villa Garzoni” in “Spaccio di Pola” at the exit. Hold on, hold on. 🙂 You will have another break there before leaving Collodi but haven’t you missed something?! Are you sure?! 🙂 Please, trust me and don’t go out of the garden but head to …

T   H   E      C   O   L   L   O   D   I      B   U   T   T   E   R   F   L   Y      H   O   U   S   E

It’s a pretty, stone building and greenhouse. There you can have a nice stroll among numerous exotic plants in large and fully-conditioned terrariums. The other attraction is the “flock” of tropical butterflies which fly, live and reproduce around you. You also get butterflies in your stomach because you fall in love with this extraordinary place at first sight, especially if it’s the first time you’ve visited such a place. So, don’t miss that part of the Garzoni Garden because you will really enjoy being here where there is atmosphere which is completely different from this in a big city.


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