Why Are You Judging?

384-why-are-you-judgingAn old man and his already grown-up 30-year old son got on the train and took their seats in the compartment. The young man sat near the window. Immediately after the train set off, he stretched his hand outside the window in order to feel the movement of the air. He cried out happily all of sudden: “Dad, look, all trees are “walking” backwards.

The old man just smiled in return. A young couple was sitting near the 30-year boy. The spouses looked at one another when the young man reacted like a small kid. And after some time he cried out excitingly again: “Dad, look, there’s a lake over there. And there’re animals. And one cloud is following the train.

The spouses got confused because of the strange behaviour of the young man. As to the father, he didn’t find it out extraordinary at all and he kept on smiling.

It started raining soon and rain drops were falling on the young man’s hand. Firstly, he closed his eyes sublimely, but just for a second, because he was overexcited and he cried out again: “Dad … Dad, it’s raining and drops are falling on my hand. Do you see them?

The wife could resist anymore and turned to the boy’s father: “Why don’t you bring you son to a specialized hospital and get consulted?

The old man looked at her and answered her with that calm smile on his face: “We’ve just come out of a hospital. It’s the first day in my son’s life when he is able to see …



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