The Two Chinese Pots

383-the-two-chinese-potsAn old lady possessed two vast Chinese pots which hung at the two ends of a long stick which she balanced on her neck. One of the pots had a hole while the other one was entire and not broken. Thus after a long journey from the spring to the house, the second was always entirely full of water while the first one was always half-filled with water. This was the reason why the old lady brought one a half vase of water every day for two years.

Obviously, the entire pot was proud of itself while the broken one was greatly ashamed of its imperfection and inability to fetch only half of the water. Finally, the pot with the crack gathered the courage to talk to the old lady after two years. It said to her from the one end of the stick: “I am so ashamed because my crack allows you to bring half of the water at home.

The old lady just smiled and replied: “Have you noticed that there are always flowers on your side while they miss on the other side? Once I saw you had a defect, I allowed you to pour out water on the ground. I threw some seeds on your side only along the way. This way you watered the flowers when we came back home every day. I collected the flowers and I decorated my house and table with them. If you hadn’t been as you were, I would never have been able to enjoy their beauty in my house.”

Anyone of us has their weak points. But these defects and imperfections of ours make our life both interesting and worthy. So, we have to accept as they are and we have to discover their positive sides.


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