Sei la’ …. O amor è lindo … porque sim

382-sei-la-o-amor-e-lindo-porque-simI have only been to Lisbon and Cascias in Portugal but it was for me enough to fall in love with this country. It is certainly one of my favorite places because it’s one of the countries of the Mediterranean basin. When I was there I realized that, actually, Portugal has more similarities with Spain rather than Italy, for example. My own explanation is that the two Iberian countries share one and the same peninsula and probably this proximity makes them so close to one another in terms of language, culture, history, appearance, cuisine, etc.

And it’s possible that namely that closeness is the reason why Madalena falls in love with a mysterious Spaniard named Ricardo in the 2014 Portuguese film ”Sei la’” (“I Don’t Know”). Unfortunately, this too strange Spanish bird leaves her all of a sudden one day.  And what happens? The abandoned 30-year young lady lives out and has the same dreams, fears, doubts, ambitions, weaknesses and prejudices as other women at her age. She manages to get over the loss thanks to her true and faithful girlfriends who help her forget Ricardo. Her destiny meets her with Francisco. He does his best to get her out of the hole she is in but things get too complicated when the Spaniard comes back. It turns out that Madalena still loves him and is ready to do everything for him. She has used Francisco only to decrease her pain in his absence. In turn, Francisco is a secret agent who has “used” her in order to catch Ricardo but (un)fortunately, he has fallen in love with her.  In the end the whole truth about her beloved one is revealed to Madalena and she realizes that people are rarely what they show and say to be.

I don’t know …. Love is beautiful because it is and there is no explanation about this…. Do you agree with this statement? If you do, surely, you ought to watch the 2016 Portuguese movie “O amor è lindo porque sim” (“Love is beautiful because it is”).It tells the story of 24-year old Amelia. This young lady gets two nasty surprises on her birthday – she is   laid off from work. And left by her boyfriend. She goes through a hard period but owing to her great but still unrevealed talent as a fado singer, her mother (who is a fortune-teller) and her sister (who is an unemployed actress that wants to become famous one day), Amelia changes her life and finds true love.


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