To Drop The Rope

373 To Drop The RopeWe are often tightly bound to our past, certain thoughts and states of soul. Some of our memories from the past follow us all our life. Even the brighter ones have created our “zone of comfort” and we don’t want to change it because we ask ourselves questions like these: “Who will I be without my current mindset? What shall I do?”

If you read the lines below, probably you will see that we ought to drop the rope and thus we can enjoy true safety and joyfulness, endless happiness and peace of soul. Sooooo ….

Once upon a time there lived a man who was holding a rope tight. He did so because he was sure that it was the way to stay alive. He believed that if he loosened the rope and drop it, he would fall down and die. His parents, tutors and the people around him assured him it was the right way. In turn, the man always looked around to see if other fellows did so as well.

A wise, old woman came to him one day. She knew that the man didn’t have to hold the rope tight and his safety that it offered was just an illusion. It only bound him to the place he lived. That’s why the woman looked for a way to make him free from that illusion. She told him that, actually, he would really enjoy true safety and joyfulness, endless happiness and peace of soul if he released only one finger from the rope.

This rope makes you a prisoner and doesn’t support you at all”, she said to him.

By the way, if I loosen only one finger from the rope I won’t risk anything.”, the man thought a little. And he agreed with her. He released his thumb and he felt happier and his soul was “cheerful”.

But it wasn’t enough for him to be fully satisfied for long.

You would enjoy more happiness, joy and peace, if you release another finger”, the woman explained to him.

The man started thinking: “Hmmm …. It will be more difficult for me as I have never done it before. Will I succeed? Will it be safe? Will I have the courage?

He began releasing the second finger from the rope expecting what would happen. Finally, he decided to run the risk. He felt the he had still stay stable on the rope. Moreover, he was filled with more joy and happiness.

Woow … What would happen, if I release the middle finger as well, a?” the man asked himself.

Trust me, my boy.”, said the wise, old woman. “I haven’t let you down up to now. I haven’t made a mistake. I know and understand your fears. I am aware of what your mind and rationality are talking to you right now. They are telling you now that it’s crazy and it’s against all what you know. But, please, have faith in me. I promise you that everything will be fine and you will enjoy more satisfaction.

The man was stricken and confused: “Do I really want all this happiness and peace? Could I risk all I have and I am accustomed to? Such a will to obtain happiness and peace to the max must exist, but who would guarantee me that I will be safe if I go on?

He made an assessment of his fears and thought if they would be worthy. He tried to explain to himself what exactly he wanted. All of a sudden he felt that his fingers started opening. He was absolutely sure he could do it as well as he had to do it.  It was only about to drop the rope, nothing else. And while he was releasing his fingers from the rope he felt tranquil.

At that very moment he was holding the rope with one finger only. His mind and rationality had “advised” him that he would fall down upon the previous releases of the fingers but it hadn’t happened.

Hmmm … Obviously, I was wrong all the time when I was all alone up there.

Now it’s up to decide, my dear boy. I cannot help you anymore. Just remember in future that your fears are unfounded and groundless.”, said the old woman.

Finally, he trusted his inner voice and “Inner Me” and dropped the rope. Nothing happened. He remained at the same place. He was stepping firmly on the ground all the time.


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