Mint Cake With Cocoa Cream or Nutella

369-mint-cake-with-cocoa-cream-or-nutellaI have never given pieces of advice on cooking because I am a real disaster in preparing whatever. I have never given recipes and written posts on how to prepare a cake or dish on my blog either. But you know there is always the first time. If you don’t wanna lose your time reading this senseless post of a poor girl who cannot cook, just skip it and wait for my other posts which are related to my travels (travelling is in my blood and for sure, it is my strong point, not cooking). But if you are curious to know what dessert an amateur like me has prepared for you today (in fact, only as a post not in real), I encourage you to keep on scrolling down and reading the lines below. Voilà …. La mia torta alla menta con crema al cocco (my mint cake with cocoa cream). Yummy-yummy. 🙂

I can say that this cake is of contrasts and of various “taste silhouettes” and it’s suitable for all types of occasions starting from ordinary lunches and dinners to important events like birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings and even for breakfast or as a snack. The whole cake is very fresh and light with an opulent cream-and-fruit decoration. So, don’t hesitate but raid your fridge and cupboards and try to find the necessary ingredients. If you don’t have them, knock on your neighbour’s door asking for some of them. So, what will you need in order to prepare this magical cake: 4 eggs, 250g of flour, 150g of cocoa flour,  170g of sugar, 250g of white yoghurt, 140ml seed oil, 90ml of mint syrup, 1 packet of vanilla and 1 packet vanilla yeast.

If you have already managed to collect these ingredients, do your best to find q.s. of mint syrup  as well as 100g of powdered sugar, 150ml of whipped cream and 150 of cocoa which you will use for the cocoa cream. Last but not least, you should think about the decoration of the cake. Take other 200g of whipped cream plus various fruits.

Ta-ta-ta-taaa … And let the most interesting part of the post start now. 😀 Start with the basis of the cake which you will have to bake in the oven. Separate the yokes from the whites. Beat the yokes until they become frothy and fluffy. If you don’t want to beat them for at least 10 minutes, use a mixer or a blender – the choice of a modern housewife. Then, add the white yoghurt.  Hmmm … be brave and add also the flour, the seed oil, the vanilla and the cocoa flour. Mix them thoroughly and when you are finally exhausted of beating and mixing, pour the mint syrup all over.

Beat the whites in another plate until they become a steady mixture. After that put them into the other blend which you have already prepared but do all this very gently, i.e. pour the white blend delicately from the top to the bottom. Now your cake masterpiece is completely ready to be put in oven at 170 degrees Centigrade for 50 minutes.

In the meantime, dedicate yourself to the preparation of the cocoa cream. You can prepare it in the same way as you prepared the mixture above. Beat the whipped cream until it becomes fluffy and frothy together with powdered sugar. Then add the cocoa powder and continue beating the blend. Now the mixture must be very, very soft but dense at the same time.

When your cake is already baked, leave it aside to cool. When it is ready, cut it into three discs.  If you are not a fan of strict recipes and if you don’t obey rules at all, use your imagination (but the cake wouldn’t be as light as I mentioned above anymore). How? Add a layer of the cocoa cream. Then add one “Nutella layer”. And finally finish with a layer of cocoa cream on the third disc. After you have made the three layers, you should think how to “dress” your cake because it’s still “naked”. The easiest way is to beat the left whipped cream with powdered sugar (use the left powdered sugar only if your cake is not too sugary yet) and put a “white dress” on it. Thus the cake will be suitable for weddings and it will be in line with the bride’s dress. Or the second option is to prepare your mint cake for a night party by putting a “dark dress” on it. What do I mean? Spread Nutella on it as much as you want so it becomes a delicious temptation.

The last thing you ought to do is to decorate the mint cake with fruits on it. You have already several colours – white, green, brownish. Now it’s time you coloured it with some red strawberries or berries in other colours. Then put your too sweet masterpiece in the fridge so that it becomes cool and all flavours reach perfection. The bad news is that it should stay there for several days. But if you are too impatient, just bring it out of the refrigerator and take a glass of sweet red dessert wine. Buon appetito. 😉



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