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367 We Are ...Wanderlusters, or also known as Homotouristicus like me travel as we have this huge necessity to do it. Moreover, distance and the unknown is the “drug” of our creativeness. When we turn back home things are the same but we change after each travel. Our mindset and perceptions change and consequently, all the rest is somehow new to us.

Some time back I had a post dedicated to the DRD4-7R genome. It’s already been scientifically proven that the passion for travelling is genetically embedded in some of us and our “merciless” desire to throw everything away and run away somewhere doesn’t depend on us but it is because we are bearers of the Wanderlust Gene (i.e. DRD4-7R), also known as the “genome of the passion for travels”. We were just born with this “travel illness” and irresistible wish to travel constantly and discover new lands and cultures.

On the other hand, this strong passion for travelling is contagious and other people “get infected” afterward. But it is an undisputable fact that if you have once become “a member of the travel club”, you will never be able to get rid of this nice “membership”. Just never …. 🙂 If you have already tasted the pleasure of discovering new worlds, your being of a wanderluster changes and your desire to be a discoverer can never be satiated. But believe me it’s good to be among these travel enthusiasts that constitute 20% of the world’s population nowadays because we develop several very significant characteristics and we are ….

 We are spontaneous

All of us, who travel here and there, are in love with spontaneous reactions. We know that our plans cannot be followed smoothly every time and we should improvise at such moments. As a matter of fact, it’s the most charming thing that can happen to us. I will give you a few examples. Let’s say that you’re somewhere and it starts pouring with rain all of a sudden. The first thing you’ll do is to find a shelter. This dry place which you will choose might hide amazing wonders which you have never thought of. You may meet people who are also protecting themselves from the rain there, and you may make friends with them. Or you might pop up in a “creative” and designer shop where you can buy a memorable gift which you might not find anywhere else. Or if your shelter is a small caffé you may indulge in interesting beverages or food which you’ve never tasted before and which are a “trade mark” mainly of unknown coffee-shops and restaurants.

On the other hand, circumstances can push you to buy a flight ticket and book a hotel while sitting on a bench in the park. In this connection, I will share one my similar story with you. I planned and organized next trip to Italy so spontaneously while I was in Bari. I was sitting on a bench and was looking at the immense blue when I was striken with the idea to go to Sicily. When I came back to the hotel, my spontaneous idea turned into a firm travel project. 🙂

We are open-minded

We accept the things which we cannot (fully) understand unlike the mass of people who don’t often like the things which they don’t understand or are completely new to them. That’s why when a Homotouristicus takes a trip, he/she discovers new cultures and new perceptions, and he/she learns to live more happily. All borers of mindset are gone and we have different perceptions of the things. In this connection, here is my favourite saying by Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness …” When you travel and meet people from other cultures, you “rob” their energy and “adopt” it and this way you learn to do things in a different way, i.e. to love differently …  to have fun differently … to suffer differently.

We are sociable

We are able to communicate with everything and everybody around us. When you travel, communication is inevitable. Even if you aren’t such a fan of talking and even if you prefer the written form of communication, journeys will change you in sense that they will make you overcome this barrier. How? Simply you talk to waitresses at restaurants or in bars. You check-in and check-out at hotels. You choose gifts in small souvenir shops. Thus you realize that it’s not that bad to communicate with all these exceptionally hospitable and endlessly kind locals and you might develop and turn this new skill into your strong point in future. And, yes, travels help you a lot as you realize that speaking to locals isn’t needed only to order your lunch or dinner, for instance, but you start speaking with them because you’re curious to know more and more about all that surrounds you.

We are memorable

We can create a relation and a tight bond with people. It’s said that these people who have travelled a lot and have lived in numerous countries around the world, never feel truly at home. It’s because parts of them live in the hearts of the people they have met. Trips meet us with amazing people and this the moment when you start putting priority to your relations. What do I mean? We see who our true friends are and whom we could rely on. They are always with us – at good and bad moments. While the rest remain only our acquaintances and it is easy for us to break up with them if they don’t give us calls back or don’t have time for us.

In the end, I will only say a few more things. We, the Wanderlusters and Homotouristicus, are the loveliest creatures. Humble, humble, humble … 😀 We always find happiness in our daily lives. Our smile is always on our faces, we are sincere and we love everything around us. We enjoy life and little things that happen to us. We breathe more freely and deeper than the others. We fall in love easily. We appreciate every lovely moment in our life and we energize other people making them dream and explore the world. Our travel souls always have the passion and hunger for adventures as every journey somewhere is a journey to ourselves.


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