Under Supervision

365 Under SupervisionA little Ant arrived at work early n the morning every day and started working immediately. She was very productive and she was contented.

Her boss – the Lion, was surprised that the Ant worked without supervision. “If she produces so much without supervision, wouldn’t she produce even more with a supervisor above her” – he thought a little bit. Thus he hired one Cockroach with much work experience as a supervisor and with fantastic skills in preparing reports.

On the first day at work the Cockroach took his first decision, i.e. to set the Ant’s working hours under control by providing her with an access badge. Then the Cockroach said he would need a secretary who would help him with the preparation of the reports. Thus a Spider was hired. She was very capable of archiving as well as she controlled the outgoing and incoming telephone calls pretty well. The Lion was very contented with the Cockroach’s reports and asked him for some graphics and analyses on the trends so that they could be presented on the meetings that were specially organized for that purpose. In this connection, the Cockroach was bought a desktop computer and a laser printer. A Fly that had to be the head of the IT Department joined the team.

The Ant had been very productive and cheerful before all those changes occurred. But she changed once she started being supervised. She was desperate because of all that paperwork and the team meetings that occupied and wasted all her time. The Lion reached a decision that it was high time a new position was opened, i.e. a Unit Manager of the unit in which the Ant worked. A Cricket won the position and became the Unit Manager of the Ant. That new boss also needed a computer and an assistant. He chose the secretary from his former work place and she was supposed to help him with the preparation of the strategic plan for optimizing the work and to control the budget of the unit. The Ant got fed up with all these changes and she was happy no more and she got angry more and more day after day.

At that time, the Cricket assured the Lion of the absolute necessity of researching the environment. After having done the research on the workload, the Lion realized that the unit where the Ant worked hadn’t been producing so much as before. That’s why he hired one Owl – a very famous consultant – who had to make audit and offer solutions. The Owl spent three months in the offices and made a detailed report in several editions. He concluded that: “There are too many personnel in this production company”.

And guess who the Lion dismissed first. The Ant, naturally …. as “she demonstrated a lack of motivation and she was a conflict person.


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