The Myth Of The Love Hero

364 The Myth of the Love HeroIt’s all about a man in his 40s who is from a southern European country. Let us call him Mr True Love and Passion. And Mr True Love and Passion was an absolutely dominant, hot-blooded lover from the South for many, many years, until a young girl changed his universe all of a sudden one night. They fell in love with one another so strongly so that their love left an imprint on him and changed his life forever and ever.

Fortunately, Mr True Love and Passion’s feelings for the young girl were very strong and he was determined to gain her forever because she was the lady he had ever been looking for and to restore all his dreams of love to glory. He “gave a big speech” to himself and “sent word out” to himself that he was looking for the next potential opportunity to see her and to be in touch with her again. He even “held inner workshops” all in an effort to catalyse the search of ways to do it as soon as possible.

From a long-forgotten cubicle deep within Mr True Love and Passion’s heart, there emerged a visionary, his hero, his defender, his stimulus, his driving force of love or in some words, Mr I Will Love You Forever No Matter What. The ex- hot-blooded lover was very careful. He did his research. And he found he couldn’t live without the young lady being near him. He couldn’t breathe without being in touch with her. His life was lost without her. All that strong love for her gave him unlimited potential. And that’s how that hero landed a dream plan for their future, leading Mr I Will Love You Forever No Matter What and the young girl into the future.

I’m pretty sure you know it wasn’t so simple as that. In effects, Mr I Will Love You Forever No Matter What soon ran into trouble. He was told he couldn’t restart his life with her beside him. Some people insisted he followed and lived his normal and boring life. Some demanded that he’d not deviate from society’s stereotypes and standards. It was almost only a year before all that inspiration turned into a great desperation.

And, in fact, one day Mr I Will Love You Forever No Matter What woke up in the middle of a stormy night. He’d had a horrible night dream, a terrible nightmare. In that dream he’d been wrestled to the ground and almost strangled to death by a giant gorilla. The love hero, immediately realized the significance of that dream. And he resolved at that very moment and at that very place he would defeat the gorilla, no matter what it took.

Something else happened that night. Mr I Will Love You Forever No Matter What discovered he had supernatural powers. He was strong, He was capable. He was a Batman.  Or in other words, he was desperately in love with her. He had turned into Mr I Will Love You Forever No Matter What, as I mentioned above. When he went out for a walk next day he didn’t stand by. He didn’t let people get in his way (or in their way, more precisely). He broke any possible rules. He smashed through barriers and borders. When he had to, he went to reasonable extremes and made things happen while nobody was looking. For sure, that approach worked out for them both. His plans to be with the lady of his heart became reality and since then they’ve been living happily together.


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