The Adventure With Emil’s Tomato

360 The Adventure With Emil's TomatoI was waiting for teacher in Italian to come. We had to have our classes in Italian. As an Italian, he isn’t that punctual and wasn’t on that Saturday afternoon, too. Finally, he sent me a message telling me he had just arrived. We met and started our classes. But before that he gave me one tomato and he said: “Gery, I am bestowing you this tomato. It symbolizes my today’s 20-minute tomato adventure, i.e. I am sharing my tomato adventure with you.” I got astonished with this a little bit extraordinary gift and next moment I started laughing.

And what was my teacher’s tomato adventure, as a matter of fact? 😉

He was on the on his way when a 71-year old man got on the same bus where my teacher was. That old man occupied the free seat near him and as everyone at that age he began speaking to the person next to him, i.e. to my teacher. The latter understood this and that in Bulgarian but not everything. The old Grandpa understood the interlocutor was a foreigner and asked him where he was from. My teacher simply answered: “Az sam italiano.” (I am Italian). Then the old man switched off his Bulgarian and continued the conversation in English.  “Oh, really. Italy … I am going on a business trip there in some weeks’ time”, said the old man. And guess what happened afterwards. 😀

That very talkative grandfather introduced himself first. His name was Emil. After the introduction had been made, he began recounting his life. He told my teacher about his family. His wife was a musician (she played the violin) who would have a concert soon. Of course, my tutor was kindly invited to attend it. You know the Italians are very musically inclined and he would appreciate that concert, for sure. 😀 Then Emil continued the “narrative”, speaking about his two daughters this time. And finally, he recounted about his job as an engineer and his hobby – the production of bio tomatoes near the town of Pleven (Pleven is a Bulgarian town to the north).

(Un)fortunately, the old man had to get off the bus. He liked my teacher so much. So, he wanted that they would keep in touch in future as well. They exchanged phone numbers and Emil was even more generous. He wrote down his postal and mail addresses on a sheet of paper before leaving. Ah, yessss ….  The old man gave him also one special, bio yellow tomato …. Actually, it was my tomato.

While my teacher was telling me about his adventure, I felt he wasn’t accustomed to all this attention and hospitality of the Bulgarians. He even regretted having exchanged his phone number and he wanted to block Emil on his mobile. I explained to him that it is normal for people from the countryside to be so warm and open-minded, talkative and sociable in comparison to us, the citizens of Sofia, who are really colder. He didn’t understand me. When we talked about Emil’s tomatoes, I said I would make a salad with it and try that bio-tomato variety. In fact, the tomato was very tasty and my salad was amazingly delicious while my teacher’s adventure has left an unforgettable funny memory to me. 🙂


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