The Rescue Signal Fire

359 The Rescue Signal FireThere was a strong storm in the ocean that sank a ship. Only one of the crew managed to survive. After the shipwreck, the only man survived, was washed up on the shore of a completely deserted and uninhabited island.

Forced by the circumstances, the survivor became a true Robinson Crusoe. He built a wooden hut for himself with the nearby tree branches and the boards and panels from the ship. He begged God to send him salvation every day. But days passed one after another. Then they turned into weeks and months but the much awaited salvation hadn’t been coming.

The man was in search of food all day long every day. He was sad and tired every evening when he turned back to his almost miserable dwelling. One day when he returned he was shocked to see only ashes at the place of his house. His poor wooden hut, the only thing he had got, had turned into smoky charcoals.

The man was absolutely down-and-out and said to God:

My Lord, haven’t I’ve got too many hardships to pass through up to now? Why did you punish me so severely by having drained me of the only things I had got?

He fell on the ground and started crying from grief and despair. He lied on the ground for a long time asking himself how he would go on in future.

Evening breeze substituted day heat. The man had still been lying on the ground absolutely powerless. All of a sudden he heard a familiar sound which he had already forgotten and which he had been hopeless to hear again for a long time. He lifted his head and saw a full-rigged ship coming to the shore of his island. That was the nicest thing he had ever seen in his life.

How did you find me out?”, the man asked the sailors of the ship.

We saw the signal fire in the distance which you had given us”, they answered him.

Well, guys, you yourselves realize that bad and hardships seem to bring us more and more sorrow and hard time at first sight but actually, they could be our most precious gift from the Lord. We should look for this gift instead of cursing our destiny.


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