Il Prete Rosso (The Red Priest)

356 Il Prete Rosso (The Red Priest)“The Violinist of Venice” by Alissa Palombo tells the story of a young lady called Adriana d’Amato and the Four Seasons which her life passes through. Her youth is spring while summer is represented by all the warmth and love she has for the man she loves most. Fall comes when she starts going away from her beloved one and both of them should make hard choices. Winter is the period of time when they are forcibly separated and their little baby girl (Anna Giro) is taken away. Of course, it is high time spring came again to her life and this happens with the birth of Adriana’s other girl (Laura) and twins (Cecilia and Antonio). The happiness of having them brings summer to her life again. She enjoys their presence and they are like a summer sun which warms her and brings peace to her suffered soul. But who are Adriana and the man whom she adores, actually?

Adriana d’Amato is the daughter of a very mighty Venetian merchant of the 18th century and one of the richest men in Venice of that time. After her mother’s death, her father forbids her to play the violin. However, her love for music makes her break her father’s prohibition. One night she takes money and goes to the greatest Venetian virtuoso violinist – Antonio Vivaldi, to ask him to teach her to play the violin. The Baroque composer knows nothing about her family roots and her mighty father, and that’s why he agrees. Their love for music is growing more and more lesson after lesson but at the same they fall in love for one another. Thus their secret night lessons in violin turn into a tender and passionate love affair.

Unfortunately, their love is impossible for two reasons. Vivaldi is a priest while Adriana is supposed to get married to a nobleman as a daughter of one of the richest merchants of Venice. When she gets pregnant with Anna, young lovers are on a crossroad and must make hard choices. Adriana should choose between the love of her life and another man and il Prete Rosso (The Red Priest) – between her and music. Vivaldi chooses his love for music and that hard choice determines Adriana’s hard future life as a wife of an older nobleman in Venice.

As I said above, her winter is substituted for spring again due to her three other children and the reborn possibility to deal with music and play the violin. Summer sun brightens her days until the time when she understands her eldest daughter Cecilia is her absolutely copy and the maiden makes and repeats Adriana’s mistake. But this time the consequences and outcome are not that hard for the young lady because her mother knows what it means to love passionately and unconditionally.


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