Happy New Year, Thalassophiles

352 Happy New Year, Thalassophiles

H   A   P   P   Y      N   E   W      Y   E   A   R      2   0   1   7     

 T   O      A   L   L      L   O   V   E   R   S

When I am saying lovers, I don’t mean unfaithful men and women who prefer the cuddles and kisses of other persons to these of their spouses. No, definitely no. I have in mind all these adventurous people who are eager to discover newer and newer things when they travel. These discoveries of theirs can turn into their passion and this passion can become love for these things. Thus when travelling souls explore they become various types of lovers … lovers of certain objects, places, phenomena, etc.

Before extending the topic of these lovers, I will draw your attention to the origin of the word “love”, “lover”, “dear”, “friend” and so on and so forth. The origin is ancient Greek but not exactly. Why? The Ancient Greek for “loving” and “dear” is -philos. This is a common suffix used in personal names which derives from the verb phileinto love” which is of unknown origin. If I continue reviewing the “evolution” of the word, I should mention the Latin variation of the suffix, i.e. –philus, which was later transformed into phil(e) or “one that loves, likes, or is attracted to” in of the Roman-based languages – French.

Now let me get back to the topic. What could you find out when you travel?  Love for what?

In the first place, you are a lover of work, especially of productiveness when you are a Homotouristicus by profession. What I mean is that you become an ergophile who is a person who loves to be productive (unlike workaholics who can never have a rest) and he/she is more productive at work after a nice journey full of only positive and pleasant emotions.

There is nothing wrong to be a solo traveller and an autophile. Some will say that being alone means that one is lonely. No, I can assure it’s not true. I love travelling and spending much time all alone, in “my own” company only and I am not lonely at all. And do you know why? Because …  I follow my own rhythm and I don’t have to get adjusted to that of someone else. I re-discover the new sensation of freedom which is typical for free spirits and freedom-loving creatures like me. I indulge in full relax without having to stick my plans to these of other people. I choose to do whatever I want to and to avoid things which make me unhappy. I am open-minded and make friends with new people, especially locals. I see the world with new eyes, not only looking for new landscapes but also for new and unusual experiences, new emotions, all new things that life can offer me.

When you travel, you know that a certain place looks different in daytime or at night. It’s because sun always makes it more beautiful while night darkness, shiny stars and the Moon can make of it a romantic or sometimes a mystic place. Lovers of night starry, romantic scenes are called astrophiles. These dudes are fond of stars in the sky. These amateur astronomers are, actually, persons who cannot go to bed without contemplating the stars in the sky before that. But if you prefer mystic landscapes  you’re, definitely, a nictophile or a lover of nights and the mystery of darkness.

When one travels, they have their own preferences of places. In this connection, there are several types of lovers. For instance, I am a great lover of acqua (water) and especially of sea. That’s why I consider myself a thalassophile or a lover of sea and ocean, i.e. the blue immense. On the other hand, I am also a lake lover or limnophile. As to forests, well, I cannot say I am a dendrophile (or a forest lover).

When we are on the road, we can get acquainted with a certain culture and a people through local cuisine which is inseparable part of our discoveries. I will focus on only one type of “meal” lovers. This love could be developed when visiting mainly three countries France, Italy and Hellas. The countries have a huge variety of cheese and formaggi and that’s why they are the Mecca of turophiles. Cheese lovers (or also known as cheese aficionado)s have no mercy for any piece of Greek Feta, Italian Mozzarella or French Camembert.

Referring to the weather during our journeys, you might develop love for rain when you wander in foreign lands. If you become a pluviophile, you won’t get irritated with rain and you won’t associate it with bad mood like many of us do. Just on the opposite, you will enjoy rain, especially when you see a whole city in between rain drops.

In the end, I will mention one last type of love, this time – love to climb up. Actually, this is typical for people who love climbing up to the top of edifices and buildings like Spiderman or Superman. In my case, I can say that I am a stegophile (a lover of climbing) but in a little bit different sense. I love reaching the tops of cathedrals, castles and towers from where I get the most splendid bird’s eyes views ever.

Alloraaaa  …..

Che siamo sani e salvi nel 2017 and che sorridiamo, ridiamo, viaggiamo, siamo noi stessi and ci godiamo la vita di più. Buon anno nuovo a tutti voi e vi amo 🙂


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