Three Postcards From Catalonia

349 Three Postcards From CataloniaGirona is a Spanish town situated in Catalonia and it’s the main town of the province of the same name. Apart from being extremely beautiful and nice, it’s rich in history and is a tourist attraction due to its proximity to the borders with France. Girona possesses interesting historical and cultural heritage which is represented and stored nel centro storico (the Old Town) which is called Barri Vel. Besides, the Catalonian town is a convenient starting point for going around in search of other places which are even more enchanting and charming, as well as typically characteristic for Spain. If you’ve already grabbed what you need from your visit there I suggest that you head off to the following three smaller villages.

Besalù: There is a bunch of sights where visitors admire unique natural beauty, picturesque small villages and breathtaking views. And these places are at a distance of only 50-60 km from Girona.  One of these villages is Besalù which is the nearest of them all. The mediaeval settlement became popular tourist destination. The results of all this are the crowds of tourists who admire its beauty. If you really want to feel the village and its atmosphere, don’t choose the peak season but the period when impatient tourists are less. As a matter of fact, this is the best way for you to get delighted with the numerous attractions, both antique and fascinating.

Pals: Driving away only 10km from Besalù, you stumble upon another pretty village – Pals. This is the very place where northeastern Catalonia region has jumped up from fairy-tales and the sites are like a postcard. The village is situated almost on the borders with France and the characteristic centro storico (historic centre) has still been bearing the typical signs of the Roman domination.

Begur: Your third and last stop can be in Begur, consequently at the sea. It’s considered one of the most beautiful places and most characteristic places of Costa Brava. This small village is incredible, indeed. And do you know why? Because of the pretty nice combination between its splendid beaches and antique historic centre.


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