The Alessis and Sea

344 The Alessis and Sea“Immer wieder das Meer” by Nataša Dragnić is a very thrilling and emotional novel about the love affairs of a lad named Alessandro Lang with Alessi sisters – Roberta, Lucia and Nannina. This young man is a mysterious poet who looks for love and he lives it out with each of the three sisters. Finally, he realizes that he truly loves the eldest of them – Nannina.

Before getting to know it, he meets Roberta, a student in medicine, in front of a fresco of the pregnant Virgin in a small chapel in Tuscany. They have a passionate love affair until the moment when she moves to San Francisco where her life changes. Her greatest concern is that she will never be a mother.

The middle sister is Lucia. She is a woman on career and a very prosperous banker. She meets Alessandro at one of his numerous readings in Florence. They start their love affair without his knowing that she is Roberta’s sister. Is it for good or bad?!

As far as Nannina is concerned, she lives with her extramarital child in Munich and works as an interpreter and translator. She and Alessandro meet accidentally and he starts helping her a lot by the time when he makes her a marriage proposal.

As a whole, these three half-Italian, half-German ladies are very emotional and they love strongly. But at the same time they know what hatred means. They always support one another but lie to each other quiet often. No matter what, they always come home to their parents and near the sea …  SEA is their family story filled with much joy and happiness and loneliness and sadness.


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