Xmas Fairy-Tales

343 Xmas Fairy-TalesChristmas is the period of wonders and miracles. It’s the time of fairies and magicians. All this is accompanied by traditional Christmas markets where Christmas spirit is spread out and joy is everywhere. Unlike the New Continent, people from the European countries, Italy in particular, don’t rush things but enjoy the moment and savor the day. So, there’re 4 notable Christmas Markets in Italy that worth a visit. Which are they?

Let’s start with the Italian capital – Rome. Its Piazza Navona is spectacular at Christmas. It holds the largest and the most magical Italian Christmas Market. The typical Christmas treats are so delicious while artistic presents and pensieri add more charm to the Christmas spirit. Little kids are lucky enough to meet their beloved Babbo Natale. So, no matter you are a child or a grown-up kid, you will have fun at this amazing Christmas Market.

Rango is supposed to be one of the prettiest towns in the Northern parts of Italy. It’s situated between le Dolomiti and il Lago di Garda (the Alto Adige region). Its streets are very tiny and extremely picturesque. They are the major scene where Trento Christmas Market is held. It is one of the most famous Christmas Markets all the world round due to its northern location. The Dolomites turn it into a fairy-tale place where two cultures (German and Italian ones) meet and go hand in hand.

Another awesome North-Italian Christmas Market is that of South Tyrol. The popular health-and-leisure resort is the setting which combines both Mediterranean and Alpine climate, thus offering facilities both in summer and winter. There is no doubt that winter turns the town of Merano into a white and snowy fairy-tale. The Alpine peaks are covered with snow and this tempts visitors and locals alike to indulge in tasty hot drinks and fresh pastries and local specialties. Moreover, the stands are full of traditional hand-made gifts and handcrafts. And the best thing is that this romantic atmosphere could be enjoyed from the end of the month of November to the beginning of January.

The Christmas market that also deserves to be visited is that in Levico Terme (Valsugana). Its setting is in the Historical Habsburg Park. This location is fantastic because the typical wooden houses, the mountain choir and the Elves’ House (the creative workshops for kids) fit perfectly the forest ambience, representing the typical, luxurious and elegant 19th century scenery. Walking along the snowy paths, definitely you won’t resist a glass of piping hot Parampampoli (this is a traditional Liquer of Valsugana whose ingredients are coffee, grappa, sugar and honey) and a local dish and specialty. While you are enjoying them, your kids will have a great time either in the Elves’ House or on the mini train and petting zoo.


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