I wish I Were …

340 I wish I Were ...A clerk went out of his office and looked at the Emperor’s palace and thought for a while: “It’s a pity I wasn’t born in the Emperor’s family. If I was born as a noble and future ruler, my life would be so simple.”, and he walked away. He reached the city centre where there was much noise as well as rhythmic punches with a hammer were heard everywhere. Workers were constructing a brand new building in the middle of the centre.

One of them saw the clerk with all his folders and documents and said to himself: “Oh, I wish I had gone to study, as my Dad advised me once upon a time. If I had had followed his pieces of advice, now I would have not so hard job, I would just copy some texts and my life would be so simple … ”.

At that very moment, the Emperor was looking through his enormous window. He noticed the workers, clerks, tradesmen and buyers, the children and adults in the square and thought how nice would be for him to be outside, in fresh air, all day long dealing with physical activities or just wandering without an aim somewhere in the city without thinking about politics and any complex state issues. “How simple is the life of these people over there”, he whispered almost loudly and sighed deeply.

What do you think? Do you agree that we should avail of and receive the life lessons with gratitude and calm, here and now? We know rarely why exactly we are being here right now and why we are doing this stuff at this moment. But everything happens for a reason, with no exception, you know. You’re also aware that when we complete “our mission” in the best possible way we move to the next step and level (never before that). We repeat a certain life lesson as many times it’s necessary until we know it by heart and until we start doin the things in the best possible and satisfying way.


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