Casino … Cibo … Moda …

339 Casino ... Cibo ... Moda ...I have written too many posts on the Italians, the notable Italian stereotype, their language, traditions and cuisine. So, I won’t surprise you with the current post at all. I will just try to sum up the main features that distinguish the Italians from other peoples and make them so well-known and “easily recognizable” when they travel abroad.

Normally, the Italians are thought to be one of the greatest creators of casino (chaos). Sometimes they create unexpected problems not on purpose, of course, but due to their spontaneous nature. Of course, once a problem is created, they are always eager to find an alternative solution (without being afraid of any difficulty) although they don’t have at their disposal all of the “elements” for resolving a certain case. And when they create a greater chaos with their alternative, you will be awarded with un sorriso smaglainte (a dazzling smile).

Speaking about chaos and problems, you will constantly face them along Italian highways and roads as well as in the streets in every city everywhere in Italy. Italian drivers are supposed to be a little bit crazy and they drive at a speed higher than the permitted one. The average Italian is very emotional while driving. He quarrels with vehemence with other drivers, especially when it comes to parking slots. The faster he is, the sooner he finds a place to park. If he doesn’t find any, he always uses his creativeness and imagination, and he creates such a parking slot.

On the other hand, Italian drivers lose patience and temper and their anger reflects over poor pedestrians. These creatures are a subject to the stream of drivers’ sing-songy Italian “all the best wishes” accompanied by the “prolonged” songs of klaxons. This cacophony of words and sounds is supplemented with hand gestures as well. It’s inevitable for the Italians not to underline all they want to say both with words and hands. The Italians simply cannot speak without hands, without moving their shoulders, eyes and mouths, and without facial expressions. Thus they create the illusion that there are three interlocutors rather than only one.

Being on the topic of speaking and languages, I have always thought that Italian is the most romantic language among all others. It always sounds like a song. When the Italians speak, they just sing, increasing the tone a little bit and adding musicality to every word. The cadence and rhythm of this language is really very particular and it’s easily distinguished. The melody of the Italian language is so distinct so that it’s “transferred” to other languages as well. What I mean is that when an Italian speaks we can recognize his/her nationality pretty fast. The Italian modulation of the voice turns Italian into sweet Italish.

Namely “Italian elements” added to any language, make the Italians true polyglots and they themselves are of the opinion they’re Multilanguage speakers. And they are right because they are recognized as Italians every time. For instance, when they are abroad, they always talk too loudly and emotionally wherever they are – on the bus, at the airport, on the phone, etc.. This is just the way they are. This way they are always understood. And this is enough….Why should they really learn foreign languages and speak them correctly and fluently, then?

Another interesting thing about the Italians is that they complain about everything rather often. Various topics and plain statements could make them indignant and make them go on a strike or organize a type of manifestation. But this reaction lasts only for some hours or one day at maximum since when tomorrow comes, another thing happens and the Italians forget about the previous one.

Their complaints go hand in hand with critics and criticism.  It’s very funny because the Italians always feel free to criticize the behavior of their countrymen, Italian politics and politicians or other things connected with Italy but they cannot stand it when foreigners do it. At such moments the Italians become so convinced nationalists and patriots.

Other aspects of the personality of the Italians, or I’d better say two typical characteristics of people in Italy, is their indisputable “F&F” passion, i.e. passion for food and fashion. The bond between Italian men and their mothers (and grandmothers) has always been notorious. More and more Italian men in their 30s (or even 40s) have still been living with their mothers.  Due to this long co-existence, the Italians are absolutely sure that there aren’t better cooks than their mamma and nonna. They also worry about the fact that their boys haven’t eaten enough and that’s why lunches and dinners consist of three meals without any exception.

But these meals are not ordinary ones. I mean that the Italians have a subtle culinary style. It’s in their blood and veins and lunches and dinners, food and wines are always sacred to them. They will reject you and cancel all their meetings and appointments when it’s lunch or dinner time. On the other hand, when it comes to meals themselves, be sure they will choose i sapori d’Italia. After having generously obtained the flavour of the Mediterranean at lunch and dinner (of course, I am not saying a fine pesto genovese on a sandwich or hamburger), they will take a cup of the “wine of Araby” but be sure it will never be cappuccino in the afternoon and at night.

The Italians are always good-looking and stylishly dressed, and always alla moda (fashionable) and vestiti di tutto punto (from the head to feet). Fashion is innate and Italian men and women don’t make any compromises with clothes and style. Following the last statement, I can say that there is one saying, i.e. “Even the worst dressed up Italian is better dressed up than any foreigner who follows fashion trends”.


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