Don’t Be Afraid. Be a Solo Traveller.

338 Don't Be Afraid. Be a Solo Traveller.The more I travel, the more I want to do it because I feel free and alive every time I’m on the road.  The “genetic” explanation is that I possess DRD4-7R genome, or this is the strong and irresistible desire to travel, explore and wander. I am too experienced in all types of travels, i.e. with tourist groups, friends and yes … solo travels.

I became a solo traveller about 3-4 years ago when most of my friends and companions got married and gave birth to children.

Thus it became difficult for us to adjust our travel plans and I wanted to go on travelling. At that time I had two options. The first one was to stay at home and wait for my travel buddies to free some time for travels (it happened rarely and even never). Or the second option was to start travelling alone. And I chose it. Why? If my travel companions were already married and had families, it didn’t mean it had to prevent me from travelling and wandering, especially when I knew that trips were in my blood and veins. That’s why I made up my mind and I became a lonely wanderer.

In the beginning my parents were afraid and worried about me because I was alone somewhere there but they got accustomed to this habit of mine very quickly, let’s say, after my second-third solo travel. On the other hand, my friends were surprised to know that I travelled alone. They couldn’t accept such journeys because they thought they were too boring, lonely and even dangerous. As to me, I liked my very first solo travel and I fell in love in travel all alone from the very beginning. Do you know why? Because as a solo traveller ….

I follow my own rhythm and I don’t have to get adjusted to that of someone else.

I re-discover the new sensation of freedom which is typical for free spirits and freedom-loving creatures like me.

I indulge in full relax without having to stick my plans to these of other people.

I choose to do whatever I want to and to avoid things which make me unhappy.

I am open-minded and make friends with new people, especially locals.

I see the world with new eyes, not only looking for new landscapes but also for new and unusual experiences, new emotions, all new things that life can offer me.

These are not the only advantages of being a solo traveller. Just on the opposite. There are a lot more. For example, being alone on the road fortifies my self-esteem and increases my self-confidence. At such moments I feel I have full control over my own life and actions. A solo travel stimulates my reflections and helps me to find myself and who I am exactly. On the other hand, I learn more easily when I make a trip alone because I feel fully satisfied, my thoughts are more flexible and my mind is totally free.

That’s why, guys, I am giving you my humble advice. Don’t be afraid of being a solo traveller. It’s much more fun than trips with groups and friends because when you’re solo travellers,  you will taste freedom to the max.


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