337 DRD4-7RHave you ever met people who keep their international passports in their back pocket, just in case? Are they people who are always curious and do they always long for wandering and exploring newer and newer places? Have they got the tedious feeling that they’re being here now, not somewhere else? Have you ever met them? I myself have been meeting such a person on a daily basis since my birth. This creature is the one I see in the mirror every day …. Me – the wanderluster who has the DRD4-7R genome. 

It’s already been scientifically proven that the passion for travelling is genetically embedded in some of us and our “merciless” desire to throw everything away and run away somewhere doesn’t depend on us but it is because we are bearers of the Wanderlust Gene (i.e. DRD4-7R), also known as the “genome of the passion for travels”. By the way, the number of wanderlusters is increasing and we constitute 20% of the world’s population nowadays. We are these human beings that cannot stand still and even fade away when remain at one and the same place for more than 1+ month. And we flourish and we do live when we are on the road like nomads exploring new places, new cultures, new emotions.

But it’s hardly believed that one genome can be the only reason for our constant inner desire to buy a flight ticket and plan our next journey. Nope. Absolutely, no. 🙂  We, Homotouristicus by heart, possess the beautiful psyche and primary ingeniousness of a child.  We live to travel, we are ready to run risks and we want to explore everything beyond the zone of our self-comfort. And all this is a result of our early childhood.

The passion for travelling was born in our first seven years of our life. The reason is because we learnt about the things that surrounded us through games and our imagination, and by reading books. I remember when I was a kid my parents taught me to create hypotheses. Thus my curiosity about the world around me was developed. Consequently, that curiosity of mine always pushed me to look for and find the answers to my questions. And this impulse has been leading me in life and has been accompanying me through all these years up to now.

On the other hand, reading books encourages my insatiability to know more and more. Each book is a journey through historic times or a trip to certain places for me. When I read a book I imagine the places described in it. I always find something new in the countries I have already visited. Or if a book is about a place I have never been to, I start dreaming of visiting and exploring it by myself one day. Books also help me create my own world in which I live when I am not on the road and this way I can survive till my next travel.

I have read that according to some scientific research our tourist Homotouristicus race is often compared to the Neanderthals. These ancestors of ours lived more than 37 000 years ago. They mixed up and became part of the society of “modern and normal” people and thus DRD4-7R genome appeared. Why are such comparisons made, as a matter of fact? Because today’s rebels, rock stars, people addicted to emotions, these who love battles and music, and creators of chaos look like the Neanderthals very much. Honestly, it’s not that bad. We, who look like our hairy ancestors, are very creative and unruly and all this helps us see the world from another angle, not from the “traditional” one.

So, after having read the paragraphs above, you feel that you are an adventurer by heart. Don’t be ashamed. It’s inevitable because it’s a consequence of our origin, genetics and rock-end-roll grandfathers – the Neanderthals. The latter had predefined our life on the road long before we were born. So, let’s not be down. On the opposite, let’s feel lucky and blessed to be one the wonderlusters and Homotouristicus on Earth.


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