The Less You Have, The Richer You Are

336 The Less You Have, The Richer You AreA rich man decided to bring his little boy to the countryside and show him the life of the poor. His goal was to make the little child appreciate what the family had. They stayed among ordinary villagers in a farm for two days.

When they came back home, the father asked the boy whether he had liked the trip.

“It was wonderful, Daddy” – exclaimed the boy.

“What did you realize from this travel, my boy?” – asked the father.

“I realized that we have one dog and they have four. We have a pool in the backyard but they live near a lake. Our flower garden is mall while they possess an enormous area full of fruit trees and a lot of animals. We switch on the lamp at night while their nights are lighted up by the huge stars and the bright Moon in the sky.”

The father was pleasantly impressed with his little boy’s reply and he was really happy to hear his child exclaim:

“Many thanks, Daddy, for having shown me how rich people can be.”


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