Watch out …

335 Watch out ...It’s a well-known truth that a little girl is always her Daddy’s weakest point. He will remain her King forever although she will find her Prince one day. He is the first man to protect and love her from the very beginning. He does the most impossible things to keep her safe from any threats from the world outside their castle. He is the rescue team that saves her from the monsters from her nightmares. He does all this because he’s fearless. And all this continues for life. He always protects her and tries to prevent her from any disappointing situations, especially when it comes to boyfriends and relationships. How does he do it? … By setting 10 simple rules that should be paid attention to by future candidates. 😀 Here they are:

 R   U   L   E   S     F   O   R      G   O   I   N   G      O   U   T     

W   I   T   H      M   Y      D   A   U   G   H   T   E   R

  1. Find a job.
  2. Just know I don’t like you.
  3. 3. I am everywhere.
  4. If you hurt her, I will treat you bad.
  5. Bring her back home 5 minutes earlier.
  6. Find a lawyer.
  7. I will get to know it if you lie to me.
  8. She is my princess. I am her king.
  9. I don’t care if I turn back to prison.
  10. I will do to the same things you do to her.

Welcome to our family, my son-in-law … and watch out. 😀


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