Hi-Tech Beaches

334 Hi-Tech BeachesSummer is already far behind our backs and we can only dream of it right now. We can only think about sun and blue sky, crystal clear and warm sea as well as of the golden sandy beaches where our only activity is to have fun and laze down. Hmmm … It’s not that bad, is it? But what would happen if we imagine beaches being hi-tech? You would say it is impossible because how could sand be controlled from a distance, for example?

Or could sea waves be controlled with a distance controller? But you would be wrong. High technologies, smartphones and tablets in particular, and the appropriate apps for them plus chips and sensors can really make beaches distantly controlled in some clicks only. To prove this, let me tell you how it could be achieved (or it has already been achieved somewhere).

Sensors and chips, tablets and smartphones can control beach facilities (lo stabilimento balneare) easily. Beach umbrellas open and close by themselves. Not by themselves, in fact, but by lifeguards who are equipped and even “armed” with modern devices. And how exactly do they do it? Do you remember when poor lifeguards had to wake up early, at sunrise, and had to open hundreds of beach umbrellas by 8 o’clock in the morning? It was a nightmare for them all. Nowadays, owing to specific gadgets, mobile phone apps and chips embedded in beach umbrellas, they are able to open around 200 umbrellas in less than a minute. The latter are fed by solar energy and there is no fear of flat batteries in this case … at least in summer.

On the other hand, have in mind that in present time deckchairs turn automatically following the sun-beams. Sitting on one of them, you will be absolutely sure that you will never be in shadow or that the sun will be behind your back. Great, a? Of course, you won’t want to sit under a smart beach umbrella only. Definitely, sea will “seduce” you with its too many shades of blue and calmness and you won’t resist it at all. But you will start thinking where to put and keep your precious belongings while you are in the sea, swimming. Nowadays a beach can offer you the so-called “Safe beach” which is an aluminum beach wardrobe which “guards” your wallet and smart phone.

Last but not least, while lying on the beach, surely, you will get hungry. Your laziness might not allow you to go to the nearby restaurant to buy something to eat. No worries. Today’s beaches might include another “hi-tech” service, i.e. they can send you a photo of today’s menu on your mobile phone in the morning and you may order your lunch just in one click. Oh, I forgot. What will you do, if you run out of battery? It’s not a problem at all. Actually, problems don’t exist but there’re only solutions. The solution in this case will be smart USB slots embedded into the above-mentioned beach umbrellas in which you can plug-in various devices and charge them. It’s too “hi-tech”, isn’t it? 🙂


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