Sea In Your Dreams

331 Sea In Your DreamsThere lived a young boy in one very poor village. He spent his days monotonously and tediously like the rest of the villagers without having a clear idea of what to do with his life. He dreamt of sea one night. When he recounted about his dreams none of the villagers could prove that such a thing existed anywhere in the world as they hadn’t ever seen it.

The young boy was determined to look for the sea and when he said he would start a travel everybody declared him mad. Despite this, he did it and he wandered for a long time until he reached a crossroad. There he chose the easiest possible road and after some days he found one and very rich village. Its locals were happy and contented with their life because they lived really well. When he told them he had been looking for the sea, they started assuring him that he was wasting his time and it would be better if he remained in the village and lived happily like them.

The young boy agreed and started his life there. He dreamt of the sea again one night and he remembered his unfulfilled dream. And he decided to set off again. He turned back to the crossroad and took another road which led him to a big city. Impressed with its measures, large scales and new opportunities, he decided to settle down there. He studied, worked and had fun in the big city and he forgot the aim of his travel in the course of time.

But it happened again one night. Sea came to his night dreams and the grown-up boy said to himself that if he didn’t make his youth dream come true, he would regret it all his life. That’s why he returned to the crossroad and chose the third road. That time the road led him to one house where he saw a very beautiful young lady. She invited him to stay with her and the lad consented. They lived happily together, brought up their children and when our hero grew older he saw his sea again in his dreams.

He left everything as usual and went back to the crossroad. There was one road there and he chose it. It was the last one but the most difficult, the steepest and the rockiest one at the same time. The road was really hard to walk and the old man could hardly make a single step. In spite of those hardships, he didn’t give up and reached a big mountain. He gather his strength hoping he could see the sea even from a distance from that place. After some hours he was deadly tired but he managed to climb up to the top. A beautiful view of the vast and endless expanse appeared in front of him. And what did he see?

He saw the first road and village he had found, after that – the big city and the house where he had spent the last years of his life. Aaaaand …. And he saw it in the distance. The blue  immensity ….  He realized with tears in his eyes that, actually, all roads led to the sea but he hadn’t never reached the end of any of them where his sea was.



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